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Instagram Influencers

Massachusetts is a place where talent really thrives and you can be extremely sure that it is a place where an immense amount of talented people are located in. Living in the age of technology, majority of artists now have brought their art into the platform of the internet. One of the most used platforms now is Instagram.

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Instagram is a social media platform wherein you can easily share your artworks through pictures, videos and stories. There are millions of users on Instagram right now and it is very easy for your work to get around, grab attention and get the recognition that it deserves.

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Here are some Instagrammers and Influencers that are locals from Massachusetts that you should definitely look out for:

Renee Jordan (@heythereney)

Renee Jordan (@heythereney)

With more than 20,000 followers, Renee Jordan (@heythereney) is an influencer that captures the best sights of Massachusetts. Her Instagram mainly focuses on her hometown of Boston, and she shares her skills in photography with her followers.

Renee doesn’t necessarily have a particular focus, sometimes she does landscapes, sometimes she does food photography. Nonetheless, all the photos and posts of Renee are nothing short of amazing.

Renee also shares her daily life and what she’s interested in through her stories and her highlights. Make sure to check her out to witness the best of Boston.

Good news for the LGBTQI Community,  as the practice of conversion therapy is now banned in Massachusetts.

Tiffany Lopinsky (@bostonfoodies)

Tiffany Lopinsky (@bostonfoodies)

We all love food, it’s a well known fact – so if ever you pass by Boston and you need a quick guide on where to go and what to eat then @bostonfoodies ‘ Instagram page is the place to visit.

With a whopping 148 thousand followers, Tiffany Lopinsky holds the absolute authority on the Boston Food Map. She shares every food experience on every food joint in Boston, and she takes excellent documentation for them as well. Her Instagram account is full of the top choices of where to go, and the top menu options for every single place she visits.

She also keeps an Instagram aesthetic that is clean and very curated, much with a grey and blue tone. So don’t get surprised if you’re stuck on her page scrolling and drooling for hours.

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Sovan Yong (@styletravellove)

Sovan Yong (@styletravellove)

Much like what her Instagram handle tells you, this girl is a fashion killer, for sure. This Massachusetts local holds more than 70 thousand followers on her Instagram and we absolutely know why.

She is a fashion enthusiast with a chic approach to style. She shares most of her travel escapades and she perfectly curates them on her Instagram.

Sovan Yong definitely puts a lot of work in keeping the aesthetic of her feed, covers it with cool and blue tones so that it’s not harsh to the eye. What a gal!

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