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Boston’s biggest enterprises trust our HDD data recovery, RAID and SSD data recovery expertise. Free data recovery Boston diagnostics. Start your recovery today!

Boston’s Finest Rely On Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Team!

Data lost? TTR Data Recovery can deal with any data recovery from all types of device failure! We guarantee fast and accurate recovery of your data files!

Boston’s Finest Rely On Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Team | Ttr Data Recovery Boston

Losing data is terrifying. It can be detrimental to businesses, heart-breaking for families, and just all-round inconvenient especially when a data recovery expert is hard to find.

Data loss comes at the most unexpected times, that’s why you should be keeping our Boston office’s number in your contact-book!

If you find yourself in a hard drive data recovery emergency, don’t hesitate to give our boston office a call, or drop into our office.

Data recovery in Massachusetts has never been easier, and more efficient!

Data Recovery Boston Services Offered!

We Recover Data From All Types Of Media Storage Devices

Our data recovery Boston specialists utilise a variety of hard drive data recovery techniques to find and retrieve data from almost any media storage device. Whether it’s it’s just some old photos on the family computer or confidential government documents, our team will help you through the entire process.

Our data recovery services:

Data Recovery Boston Hard Drive Boston | TTR Data Recovery


You’ll often need a skilled technician to make sure data is recovered successfully. TTR Data Recovery Services specializes in recovering data from hard drives


A corrupted Raid Array can wreak havoc if you happen to work in finance or accounting. If the worst occurs, contact us right away for a free assessment.


Servers are a crucial IT component to any large modern business, and a server crash can halt business in its tracks. Recovering data can help you get back on your feet.


SSD’s are faster and more efficient than HDD’s, but they’re still just as susceptible to corruption.


Flash Drives often hold some of our most important documents. Don’t let these files slip away!


Whether your tapes have corrupted data, physical damage or software incompatibility, We can help.

We Define High-Caliber Hard Drive Data Recovery in Boston

No matter if you’re a family of 3, a successful small business, a big company, or even a government agency, we can all suffer a shocking loss of data at some point in time.

If you’re looking for a SSD data recovery service you can trust to retrieve your data, we’re the data recovery Boston service you need!

No shopping around for the right data recovery company, we perform the absolute best hard drive data recovery in Boston!

Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts Have The Following Certifications:

ISO 9001:2008

Don’t just take our word for it. Our ISO 9001:2008 Certification guarantees that we adhere to the quality and standards for our data recovery process.


You privacy is our top priority. Our internal controls are SSAE 16 SOC 2 TYPE II certified; The confidentiality of your data is handled with utmost care.


Our technicians are IACRB certified, so you can rest easy, knowing that your data recovery needs are handled by highly-qualified professionals.


The government agencies trust us with their data recovery requirements. Our General Services Administration or GSA contractor status allows us to work with government institutions in salvaging data and safeguarding vital government information.


We’ve been in the game this long for a reason; We’re always one step ahead of the competition. We’ve equipped our data recovery experts with the latest technology, data recovery laboratory and equipments. This allows our us to provide service with  client satisfaction in mind.


Our data recovery facilities are ISO 5 CLASS 100 certified. What does it mean to you? We provide another layer of protection, so your data is safe from possible further damage caused by foreign elements such as dust, mold, and other airborne particles.

A-Lister Hard Drive Data Recovery Process!

Free Diagnostic Process
Free Diagnostic Process

Once you have submitted a data recovery case, you will receive instructions via email. Send your media in with a prepaid shipping label or drop into any one of our office locations. We’ll send Diagnostic Report within a few business days, free of charge.

Data Retrieval Process
Data Retrieval Process

We use industry grade data recovery tools and expert techniques to recover your data. You can email us for updates:

Verify Data Process
Verify Data Process

Once data has been recovered, you can verify your files are present before finalising the process.

Return Data Process
Return Data Process

Once you have approved the results of your data recovery, your payment will be processed and your data will be delivered.

Verified Data Recovery Before Payment

We’re so confident in our hard drive recovery service that we don’t accept payment upfront. You don’t reach for your wallet until we give you the data.

Free Hard Drive Data Recovery Assessment

Our Boston data recovery specialists outline the exact process free of charge, so you know exactly what you’re going to be paying for.

No Hidden Upfront Charges

No hidden charges. No upfront costs. We make sure that you understand the process every step of the way.

Your Data Recovered. ASAP.

We understand that when data is compromised or lost, time is of the essence. We work fast to ensure your data is recovered and back in your hands as soon as possible!

Friendly & Professional Staff

When dealing with any of our staff at any service area, you can always expect a friendly smile and job well-done.

  • Pay Only After Recovered Data Is Verified
  • Zero Fees Guaranteed, If We Don’t Get Your Data Back
  • Data Recovery Consultation And Evaluation? It’s On Us
  • In Boston We Recover Your Data First; Fees Later
  • Data Recovery With No Obligations, Cancel Anytime You Want.
Data Recovery Boston Computer Technician Boston | TTR Data Recovery

Looking For Hard Drive Data Recovery In Boston? Data recovery in Boston is competitive business. So why come to us?

We are the leading group in data recovery in the financial district and we let our experience do the talking for us.

We retrieved countless irreplaceable data for our clients throughout private and government sectors. We are renowned all across the city for our meticulous work ethic and our expert data recovery techniques.

Boston’s biggest businesses choose us for their data recovering needs.

We are Boston’s hard drive data recovery experts.

Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Services Are Top-Notch! Don’t Believe Us? Let’s Take A Look At What Our Customers Say.

It is our mission to provide high-quality hard drive & RAID recovery services that will leave our customers with a big sigh of relief upon the end of the process. Interested to hear some of what they have to say about us? Read the testimonials our previous customers have.

Secure Hard Drive Data Recovery in Boston, MA

You’ve experienced an error, and now your SSD or hard drive is inaccessible. Don’t panic. Simply visit the TTR Data Recovery experts in Boston’s Financial District. In addition to completing thousands of successful recovery operations for companies and governmental entities, we’re experts at applying top industry recovery practices in emergency situations. Book your appointment soon, or visit us in person.

  • Reconized by Major Brands
  • Recovers Data From Any Device Failure
  • Data Recovery in Boston and Surrounding Cities
  • Cleanroom Certified Data Recovery Labs

Our Certified Raid/NAS Hard Drive Data Recovery Boston Services Can Get Your Business Back Up In No Time

Recovering the information from a RAID array is a tricky proposition. There are thousands of ways for events to go wrong, and if you try to apply DIY fixes, you’re only increasing the chances of irreversible failure. Never try to rebuild your corrupted RAID array. Let TTR Data Recovery in Boston minimize the risk by applying proven techniques.

RAID 0 icon | TTR Data Recovery Services Boston


RAID 1 icon | TTR Data Recovery Services Boston


RAID 5 icon | TTR Data Recovery Services Boston


RAID 10 icon | TTR Data Recovery Services Boston


TTR Data Recovery Is The Best In The Business

Everyone deserves a fair chance at data recovery. From companies and governments to families and schools, Our Boston experts ensure that nobody misses out. Email us:

Data Recovery Boston Individual Boston | TTR Data Recovery


Don’t let device failure get in the way of fun. Let’s take help you get back on track!

Data Recovery Boston Small Business Boston | TTR Data Recovery


Running a business comes with a lot of adversities. Don’t let data loss slow down, Call us!

Data Recovery Boston Enterprise Boston | TTR Data Recovery


When data loss is inevitable, let the hard drive data recovery experts take over. Call us!

Data Recovery Boston Government Boston | TTR Data Recovery


We are certified GSA contract holders. We keep our standards on top of competition!

Emergency Data Recovery Boston Service. Anywhere In Boston. 24/7

Our hard drives, RAIDs and SSDs won’t last forever. When they do fail, you need assistance from an emergency data recovery service that can provide real solutions. Visiting TTR Data Recovery in Boston is the best thing you can do for your organization or business. Our 24/7/365 service means that no matter when an IT disaster strikes, you can respond in kind.

  • Data Recovery With No Hidden Charges & Contracts For Boston, MA Clients
  • Free Initial Diagnostics For All Data Recovery Case
  • Customer Friendly Data Retrieval Experts 24/7
  • Ready For Any Hard Drive Data Crisis!
Data Recovery Boston Emergency Recovery Boston | TTR Data Recovery

We Offer Affordable Pricing For All Your Hard Drive Data Recovery Boston Needs

TTR Data Recovery Services is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of data recovery boston services to local cusotmers. Whether your hard drive has crashed or your computer has failed, our data recovery specialists in Boston are here to resolve all your data recovery needs. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Financial District, in walking distance from Faneuil Hall, Downtown Crossing, and the Government Center. Call or email us for data recovery support!

Why Choose Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Boston Services Over The Competition:

  • Our Data Recovery Process is approved by all HDD and SDD Brands
  • We support data recovery for all hard drive failures
  • We have a solid process with data recovery in Boston for emergencies cases!
  • We have an ISO 5 Class Cleanroom to perform any hard disk data recovery
Data Recovery Boston Building Boston | TTR Data Recovery


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