3 Hotspots You Should See in Massachusetts

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A Glimpse of Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a place of relaxed islands, history, culture, patriotic landmarks, music, beaches, shopping and art. Massachusetts is known for having a lot of a lot of tourist spots, and a whole lot more tourists.

Although Massachusetts might not always be your first instinct, after reading what’s below, it’s sure to bump up to the very top of your list.

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Massachusetts has so much to offer, various activities and a lot of picturesque spots. What’s so great about Massachusetts is that it has been able to preserve their very rich history, being part of the original 13 colonies. They have preserved most of their very historic landmarks at the best of their abilities. From busy concrete jungles, to relaxing natural settings – Massachusetts has it.

Massachusetts Hotspots

When you decide to make one of the best decisions of your life, and march over Massachusetts – you should make sure that you take all the pictures and the videos that you can. All these precious memories should all be treasured and kept safe.

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Here are a few spots that you should definitely on the top of your list when you visit Massachusetts:

Cape Cod Beaches

Hotspots In Massachusetts

Needing a good, relaxing reconnection with the waters? Say no more, Cod Beaches by that Atlantic is sure to satisfy your water wading cravings. Cape Cod is a long and winding peninsula connected with the Atlantic Ocean.

You would never run out of sand to walk on and water to dive in with Cape Cod’s 560 miles of shoreline. Even if there are a lot of people during the summer season, Cape Cod Beaches will always have a place for you to lay down a mat and bask under the sun.

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Minute Man National Historical Park and Lexington Green

Minute Man National Historical Park

Want a taste of history and take a stroll down Massachusetts Memory Lane? Then the Minute Man National Historical Park and Lexington Green is definitely the place for you to visit. You can follow the path taken by the British when they marched for the American Revolution – Battle Road.

This includes the North Bridge where you will be able to check out uniforms, artifacts, historical documentations, etc. At the end of the bridge, you’ll be able to see Daniel Chester’s Famous Minuteman Statue.

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Salem’s Historical Houses

Salems Historical Houses

Ever heard of the Iconic and Legendary stories of the Salem Witch Trials? Then make sure to absolutely visit the Salem’s Historic Houses. This venue represents the very rich history of Salem beginning with the Witch Trials and the House of Seven Gables.

These events were put into stone by the book of Nathaniel Hawthorne in the early 1800’s.

This Witch House served as the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin – he was the one who was responsible for the holdings of the Witch Trials. Right now, it is the only building that is directly tied with the trials.

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