Maryland: Why is it called "Little America"?

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Maryland Little America

Along with many more nicknames like “America In Miniature”, “Old State Line”, “Free State”, Maryland has been the “Little America” of the whole of the U.S. But why? Answer is simple.

There is so much going on and so much rich history in just 10,460 miles of land and water. It’s so packed! It has every little bit of everything!

Now, if ever you catch yourself in the land and waters of Maryland, make sure take lots and lots of pictures! Document all the way because there won’t be another “Little America” anywhere else.

A Glimpse of Maryland

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George Calvert is the First owner of Maryland. He was an english statesman who projected the founding of the North American province of Maryland, in an effort to find a sanctuary for practicing Roman Catholics.

America In Miniature

America In Miniature

In this small space, you can see just about every kind of nature. Water is almost everywhere. You’re surrounded by powerful rivers, perfect for rafting and just for appreciating the views, grand lakes like the Deep Creek Lake,  popular for swimming and fishing, the Atlantic Ocean to your east coast which beach you can visit everyday just for the sunset.

Maryland has many wetlands and are home to hundreds of migratory birds and other wildlife; the Chesapeake Bay that’s is not only scenic, but also holds to be the primary source for the state’s iconic seafood — the blue crabs and oysters.

The state also has a fair share of islands, a few caves, cliffs, waterfalls, rocky mountains and hills, wooded hiking trails, forests in the west, quiet farmlands, small towns, and cities.

That’s already a lot happening! The only thing that’s not in Maryland, is a desert.

Maryland has played a role and has been involved with so much of the nation’s rich history, from the founding of the United States of America to the present. It is a home to many people of different ethnic groups or every origin. Painters, craftspeople, writers, lawyers, politicians, health professionals and religious leaders, all famous, are included here.

Maryland was a part of the 13 colonies that once formed United States. The 13 colonies then are as follows: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. 

Also, Maryland has much of the “first”s as well. It was the first to have a railroad, a dental school, and the umbrella factory. Gas light, the linotype machine and the refrigerator, came from Maryland inventors.

Old Line State

Old Line State

Maryland is also called the “Old Line State” and “Free State.” During the Revolutionary war, 400 soldiers in the First Maryland Regiment fought a British force of 10,000. (Talk about being outnumbered.) They have helped the General George Washington’s army to escape the premises.

The bravery of these soldiers and their performance had all of Washington depend on them, the Maryland Line; thus, earning their nickname — the “Old Line”.

Free State

In 1919, the name “Free State” was given. This was when the Congress passed a law prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol because back then, alcohol was treated like how we treat illegal drugs today. A very strict age, indeed.

But throughout this restraint, the Marylanders opposed this prohibition because they believed it violated their state’s rights; thus, fighting for their freedom. Since then, the “Free State” nickname has represented Maryland’s long tradition of political freedom and religious tolerance.

Just like in any medieval times story, you’ll read about two warriors battling for their honor. Maryland adopted  Jousting as a official sport on the 19th century.

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