Seafood Fest: Maryland Blue Crabs

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Every weekend after Labor Day, on the far eastern edge of Annapolis, at the Chesapeake Bay’s Sandy Point State Park this very much organized festival displays vibrancy in the air. The Maryland Seafood Festival began in 1967.

On both days of the weekend, it lasts from morning until evening and besides this event in Annapolis, there are many more smaller crab festivals around in Maryland also enjoying this food of wonder.

Maryland has been founded by an English nobleman named Sir George Calvert. He achieved domestic political success as a member of parliament and later Secretary of State under King James I.

But First.

Maryland Blue Crabs

Keep Your Trip in Your Pocket! The Maryland Seafood Festival has offered you so much to just keep them in your memory. So win yourself some photographs and videos! It’s always nice to feel that genuine laughter inside after seeing or watching photos and videos of the amazing things that happened in your food adventure, not to mention the people you’re with.

Little America has so much to offer, especially seafoods which are abundant in the area.

So, with that being said, make sure you have a data recovery plan (Learn more about it here) just in case you lose these treasured memories. You never know, right?

I Didn’t Know You Could Do That With Crabs!

Maryland Blue Crabs Cooking

Vendors show and sells you all the hows you could think of cooking crab, they’re there! Whether it be braided crab pretzels, steamed crabs, crab dogs, crab cakes or cream of crab soup, you name it! There are lots!

Even while busy enjoying your favorite crustacean, you can pair your entree up with some beer and wine, plus some sound waves tickling your ears making you dance to some Caribbean music, some funky music and some blues too.

Do you have kids with you, or you’re a kid at heart, doesn’t matter! Aside from all the scrumptious  seafood dishes and tasty beverages, there’s entertainment all around. There are lots of kids activities, cooking demonstrations, fascinating exhibits, exciting competitions and more.

If you’re tired and you just want to sit around, the beautiful shores of the Chesapeake Bay will embrace you where you are. What best way to enjoy your food trip!

Hungry for crabs now? Have all you want in the Maryland Seafood Festival and experience this grand seafood celebration!

Do you know the 13 Colonies that once formed the United Stated? One of them was Maryland.

Planning your trip already?

Maryland Sea Food Festival

The Maryland Seafood Festival has always been well-organized, so it’s a guarantee that you’re provided with the most convenient ways to enter and go along your seafood adventure. Tickets are sold in advance online or you could get them at the festival itself.

For parking, there’s limited on-site parking available, but you can park at nearby Anne Arundel Community College. Over at the school, await a shuttle that’ll take you  to the festival grounds. And it’s for free! Is that not convenient or what?

Also, for some trip essentials, online sites about this grand festival provide you free maps and driving directions so you can be aware of the traffic alerts and  plan your route ahead. You can give yourself a background check too. There are links that provide you even the full criminal record.

This way, you’ll have more assurance of your security and being vigilant would be of ease so you could keep enjoying your crab food-venture.

If you’re fond of physical sports, then you’ll surely love Maryland’s Jousting Tournament. Just like the midieval times when two warriors fight for glory. This time it’s just a fight for fun!

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