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We provide the best hard drive data recovery for College Park, MD. We cover HDD, SSD, Flash Drives among others. Absolutely zero upfront fee!

We do our best to bring you the most reliable hard drive information recovery service in College Park, MD. We listen to our customers very carefully to cater to their very specific needs.

College Park is famous for a lot of tourist spots and recreational parks. Locals and tourists flock areas like Lake Artemesia, Paint Branch Trail, and College Park Aviation Museum. These areas can be extremely packed with people. High foot traffic is very common in these areas.

We have encountered a lot of reports of lost and/or damaged gadgets that led to losing your data. Some people accidentally dropped their phones in the lake. Some gadgets got dropped and have been stomped on.

When events like this happen, make sure to connect with a TTR Data Recovery service expert. We are more than equipped to provide you with the data you need.

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College Park Go-To SSD, RAID & Hard Drives Data Recovery Services

College Park Why Choose Us

We are proud of how we run our company. We run a customer-centric business and this is what drives our company forward. Our excellent service and customer relations are what our customers love us for.

We have built thousands of strong relationships, even in College Park, MD. Our customer retention is very high and the rate of new customers are on a constant upward spiral.

We provide remote services for people who cannot visit our offices. We also honor your data integrity by upholding the highest forms of data security.

Precautions When Your Device Fails Your Data

Device failure can happen anytime. Quite of importance that you keep yourself in check when faced with such adversity.

College Park Hard Drive Data Loss

Data Recovery Service We Offer In The City Of College Park, MD

The common form of data storage and processing hardware for computers. These come in different forms from PATAs to RAIDs.


This is a more classic form of photo storage. Still widely used by photographers and industry professionals.

Unlike the HDD, SSDs do not employ any mechanical moving parts. Hence, less prone to damage and overheating.


The more mobile form of the SSD. Most present in digital cameras and smartphones. Can store up to 512GB.

Equipping this with a malware protection program is essential. Virus attacks is one of the disadvantages of the mobility of the flash drive.

Redundant Array of Independent Disks is a coagulation of hard disks to form one single operating system. One malfunction might affect all. Don’t miss our RAID recovery services free consultation!

TTR Data Recovery Services Location In College Park, MD Area

If you find yourself having data loss problems in College Park, then call us ASAP. Contact our experts at our Maryland Office at (270) 627-0163 to get your data back fast.

Chevy Chase, MD TTR Data Recovery

Fast Turn Around Process To Better Our Service!


We run our standard diagnostics absolutely free-of-charge. We will not require you to sign a contract for this initial step.

Data Recovery
Data Recovery

After determine your device's case our engineers will take it to our lab for processing. They will stay in our laboratories until we reach the results you require.


After we perform our data recovery procedures, you are free to verify if the data we recovered is in fact the data you need.


We have multiple options on how you want your data returned. You can pick it up in our office, get it delivered, or transferred via cloud system.

HDD, RAID & SSD Device Failure We Service

Data loss, failure, and corruption can be a result of a lot of different factors. Our technicians have optimally encountered any kind of data loss issue. Whatever you are experiencing now, we most like have experienced it before as well.

Here are the most common data loss issues that we have encountered and fixed.

Our Certification Proves We Are Top Dog In College Park!

SOC Type II Data Security

Our facility goes through annual audit that makes sure that every employee upholds the highest data security.

PCI Certification

This requires the company to uphold end-to-end encryption. Our company respects your data integrity.

ISO 5 Cleanroom 100

We have updated & upgraded facilities that are made to deal with sensitive materials.

Certified MAC Technicians

The Mac Operating System is particularly different from other OSs. Our technicians are highly trained to deal with Mac OS.

IACRB Data Technicians

Our technicians are fully-versed in dealing with any kind of operating system. IACRB certificate makes us the best in the business!

The #1 Most Trusted Hard Drive Data Recovery In College Park, MD Is Open 24/7!

You can rely on our top-notch HDD, RAID and SSD data recovery services in College Park, MD for sure! We can certainly cater to any device you are holding. Our engineers are more than capable to recover data from any gadget.

Are you in a hurry? In an emergency? Then call us right away! We have perfectly designed programs that can answer to your expedited needs. We work best in urgent situations.

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