Chevy Chase, Maryland Lacks Something Despite Being Full Of Wealthy Families

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When we mention the words “Chevy Chase”, most people would think we are talking about the actor Chevy Chase. The funny actor is popular for the starring role he had in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies. While we can say so many cool things about him, he is not exactly who or what we want to talk to you about today.

Chevy Chase, Maryland is actually the star of the show today. Chevy Chase is a very nice place to go to just in case you are looking for destinations for your next trip. You can take all the photos you want in different places here. Just make sure you know where to find a trustworthy data recovery service near you  just in case something happens to the photos you take.

Shopping surely will be one of your habits, especially when you come from an opulent family.

Chevy Chase Family

Chevy Chase's Opulent Families

In Chevy Chase, there are actually so many opulent families. Chavy Chase Village has such an exclusive community and the average amount of money people make in a year is estimated to be at $250,000. According to the US Census American Community Survey, Chevy Chase Village is included in the list of communities in the United States who have the highest income.

An environmental policy adviser named Melissa Dann is a resident of Chevy Chase Village. Dann actually mentioned how she feels her neighbors make way more than just $250,000. She thinks people from her area make around $400,000 to $500,000 in one year.

Dann is married to a venture capitalist named Tom. Tom also thinks that their neighbors make at least $250,000 in one year. They mentioned that many of their neighbors work as journalists, federal judges, law firm partners, and lobbyists. Billionaires and CEOs in the area are also part of the super exclusive Chevy Chase Club.

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Chevy Chase Opulent Family

Not anyone can just move into Chevy Chase Village because the houses here are quite expensive. A realtor named Branka Sipcic has mentioned how the houses in the area are always worth more than $1.5 million. Standard prices are estimated to be at $3-5 million.

Chevy Chase is also  known for having some “top-notch” schools and high-end retailers. There is actually a place in Chevy Chase that will make you feel like you are in Beverly Hills. This place basically has all the luxury brands any kind of shopaholic could dream of. This is not really a surprise since many people in the area can really afford to buy luxury items.

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Opulent Family In Chevy Chase

Despite living in a community that is beautiful and filled with successful people, the Danns and many other people noticed how Chevy Chase lacked something—diversity. All the families you see here are all white Americans. You will only probably catch a handful of African-Americans here since visiting diplomats like staying in Chevy Chase Village with their families.

Back in 2010, a report shows that about 95.9% of the nearly 2,000 residents in Chevy Chase Village were white. 1.6% of the community was Asian and the African-Americans just made up 0.6%. At this rate, do you think Chevy Chase will ever be able to get more diverse in the coming years?

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