1st Owner of Maryland: George Calvert

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George Calvert 1st Owner Of Maryland

How exactly was Maryland found? Almost 400 years ago, an English politician and coloniser, who goes by the name of George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore, also called Sir George Calvert, founded the state.

The founding of the North American province of Maryland was from an effort to find a haven for active, practicing Roman Catholics and Protestants, so they would prosper together. Once found, the land was then named Maryland (“Terra Mariae”)  in honor of the queen consort of King Charles I.

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Maryland is also know for the alias “Little America”. Here’s the reason behind it.

George Calvert , Himself

Geirge Calvert Md

Now, about the man himself, George Calvert was born in 1578/79 in Kipling, Yorkshire, England. At the age of 14 he studied in the Trinity College at Oxford in 1594, graduated in 1597. He then became the secretary of a man with a high position in the English government, Sir Robert Cecil, the 1st earl of Salisbury.

With Cecil’s loyalty and influence to the King, George Calvert advanced with ease and speed, earning a seat in the Parliament, obtaining a membership on the Privy Council, and attaining the position of secretary of state.

George Calvert was great at what he did and he loved his job. He served many terms in the House of Commons from 1609 to 1611.  He proved to be an amazing adviser for Sir Robert, which then, by the King himself, James I knighted him for his good service in 1917, allowing him of the title before his name — “Sir”.

Since we are talking about history, did you know that Maryland was part of the 13 Colonies? The 13 colonies that formed the United States.

Two years later, in 1619, George Calvert became the secretary of state. Then, was given a pension in 1620. By the time of King James’ passing, as his son Charles I took the position and ruled England, George established himself to be a great and loyal servant as Minister of Parliament for quite a number of terms.

His service later had the King grants hime lands in Ireland and loads of money but there was a problem. Apparently, George had become a Roman Catholic in 1925 and due to the religious conflict, he will no longer be permitted to work in high offices for the King.

He had to resign. But because the King was very pleased with George, he led him an opportunity to pave a good life continuing his religious practices.

Maryland is a nice place with a very friendly ambiance. But do you know that there Little America has a Jousting History?

Voyaging to the New Found Land

Maryland Historical Magazine

He was given a title of the 1st Baron of Baltimore, a town on the southern coast of Ireland. With all these granted to him, he could support his family and explore the New World as he has wanted.

His goal was to help English colonies in America so he invested in the New England and Virginia companies and bought land on the coast of Newfoundland in 1920.

This land that he bought was led by Captain Edward Wynne to serve as governor to a group of settlers. George then was permitted to establish a larger colony by the King and named it the Province of Avalon. It was very cold in Avalon rendering survival of the people and George himself, very difficult.

Looking for a much better place, George found a more temperate land and lo and behold, it was Maryland. He had sent a message to the King of this new found land but unfortunately George died in 1632 before the King would have approved the charter for the new colony.

So, then, George’s son continued his father’s dream to bring the new colony to life.

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