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Maryland’s thriving business economy holds no sympathy for failure, no matter whether the problem was your fault or your hard drive. When you need your RAID, SSD or other device running properly, you can’t afford anything but the best services, and the data recovery services we offer defines repair perfection.

Premium Data Recovery Services Only For Maryland State

Whatever the storage media type, TTR can get your data back. Count on our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System to get the best hard drive data recovery services delivered by our highly-trained professionals. 

The Only Data Recovery Service You Really Need in Maryland

Chevy Chase has a population of more than 9,000 people. Major industries in Chevy Chase include Professional, Scientific, Tech Services, Public Admin, and Healthcare & Social Assistance. 

Whether you’re a professional, student, or business owner needing help in restoring lost data, there is a TTR data Recovery Services office conveniently located in the Chevy Chase area to serve you and the rest of Maryland.

Data repair services come in many forms, but they’re not all the same. You’ve got lots of choices in Maryland, and it’s up to you to choose one that can rescue your Tape, RAID or hard drive flawlessly. Fortunately, we’ve made the process a lot easier by opening a number of convenient locations near you.

You can rest easy knowing that your data can be precisely restored with minimized risk of further damage with Our ISO 5 Certified Clean room. Check our list of Certifications!

Congratulations. You've Found the Best Local Data Recovery Service in Maryland.

The risk of data loss is always there. However, as they always say, prevention is better than cure, and it’s cheaper too. Computer users can protect their stored data and reduce the risk of data loss by observing best practices like installing security software, properly ejecting storage media, properly shutting down, backing up files, and regularly updating the operating system and other applications.

However, in the event of a data loss, We can help salvage your data. TTR Data Recovery Services provides top-notch recovery services for all types of electronic storage device. Whether it’s an Apple Mac, Tape data, or whatever hard drive data recovery service you needed we can handle it. We have service and delivery options available to suit your situation.

Our Recovery Process

Our data recovery services is designed to speed and accuracy in mind. Plus, we offer recovery service options and delivery options.

Free Check Up

You will be contacted with 24-48 business hours with your free diagnostic

Recovering Your Files

Your data security and confidentiality are our utmost priority. 

Confirm Files Retrieved

Data retrieved will be verified by you. This applies to all our services including ssd data recovery service.

Return Data

Upon your approval of the result, the recovered data will be transferred to a storage devices of your choice.

Why TTR Data Recovery in MD?

We have a range of controls in place to ensure that we can identify, mitigate, and promptly respond to risk. Check out our service options page.

Local Lab Facility

Our technicians are IACRB certified, so you only get the most qualified professional to restore your data

No Data = No Fee

We let you verify the recovered data before we charge you; evaluation is absolutely free of charge. No recovered data, no fee.


We are ISO 9001:2008 certified: a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest level of service and technical expertise


Our recovery processes are SOC 2 Type II Secure to keep your data secure and confidential


Cases Handled Per Year


Year Service In Maryland Area


Dedicated Chevy Chase Office


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