Illinois & The World's Largest Bakery

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The World's Largest Bakery

Don’t we all just love bread? For some bunch people it’s just the best staple food ever, it’s just so simple and delicious in that way. To another bunch of people, it’s a life-saver! Because it’s just so affordable and you’ll definitely get a full stomach!

To some more, it’s their snack, breakfast, side, etc. You name it! Without a doubt, bread has been an important food in our lives ever since the early years of humankind. And bread simply continues to do so, even getting larger and larger in the industry.

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Now in the baking industry, the number of bakeries out there are so high up and continues to shoot even higher. And as the industry only grows even more, one would think that, of course, there should be a leader in this chart. Yes there is, and it is the leader for a reason.

And yes, you can guess it, Illinois has it. This state alone holds 10 branches of the world’s largest bakery!

If you’re around the area, why don’t you go check one out and see how the company works and get productive, but just a gentle reminder, travel with care especially of your belongings!

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The Company

Bimbo Bakeries Usa

Bimbo Bakeries USA is a leader in the baking industry in the United States. It is the the American corporate arm of the Mexican multinational bakery product manufacturing company which is also the world’s largest baking company, Grupo Bimbo.

Now, Bimbo Bakeries USA is known for its category leading brands like Thomas’, SaraLee, Nature’s Harvest Bread, Ball Park Brand, and more! Also known for its innovative products, freshness and quality, and apparently is often one of the top advertising sponsor for many major soccer teams all around the world.

Bimbo Bakeries USA, takes pride in their being highly productive and deeply humane. Now isn’t that just great? Issues on unfavorable treatment on the workforce of huge companies such as this is common, so that’s a wonderful move by Bimbo Bakeries!

Talk about being noble. Also, their mission, the company wants in all our hands, delicious and nutritious baked goods and snacks. Surely, they’re not far from achieving it.

The company envisions that by 2020, they have transformed the baking industry and have expanded their global leadership even more, better serving more consumers.

They believe in the value of the person and their employees, they are one community, they compete and win, they act in integrity, get results, stay as sharp operators and they transcend and endure the challenges. Are these not enough reasons for being top 1?

Illinois holds the record of the World’s Largest Catsup. With its almost 70 feet tall height, truly an amazing scenery it is.


Bimbo Bakeries Production

Want more facts? Apparently, Bimbo Bakeries USA holds a total of 12 brands with +$100M in sales. They also first offered the Potato Bread, the Sandwich Thin® rolls, the Wide pan bread, and the Bagel Thin® bagels.

You’ll see as well, how committed they are to bread alone because they are the only top 20 food company to focus solely on the baking industry. You live and die by the bread!

Check this one out, they don’t only serve food, they help serve the environment too! Their newest bakeries incorporate the latest power and energy saving, air emissions and water usage reduction technologies.

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