Some Fun Facts You Need To Know About Schaumburg, Illinois

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A Glimpse of Schaumburg, Illinois

Whenever you hear about Illinois, many of you surely think about Chicago. In the Chicago metropolitan area, there is actually a nice place called Schaumburg which you should definitely visit. Schaumburg is a village that is starting to get the right recognition it deserves.

Here are some fun facts about Schaumburg that you should know.

Schaumburg Illinois

A Growing Population

As of today, the total population in Schaumburg is estimated to be more than 74,000 already. Reports say women make up 51.7% of Schaumburg’s total population while men make up 48.3%. While most residents are White, the number of Asians in Schaumburg has been growing over the years.

We’re sure Schaumburg has the potential to become even more diverse in the future.

While there are many mainstream places where you can go to, we suggest that you also check out What to do in Schaumburg. With the numerous things you can do here, you will never get bored here.

One Very Huge Mall

Woodfield Mall

One of the places in Schaumburg that most people go to is the Woodfield Mall. In the United States, the Woodfield Mall is considered to be one of the biggest malls people can go to (11th biggest to be exact). There are many stores to choose from in the mall so shopping is really fun here.

Aside from fashion retailers, you can also find some tech stores and hard drive data recovery chicago companies who can help you with any hard drive data recovery problems

Wealthy People

Many of the families around Schaumburg are pretty well-off. No one is really burdened with rent and everyone gets to pay their bills on time. The median income of the families here is estimated to be at $90,754. 93.3% of the people from Schaumburg are way above the poverty level.

People who work for the village government are known for earning a lot. The manager of the village earns about $240,770 and about 51 employees are able to make more than 100,000.

If you want some comfortable place to stay in Schaumburg, there are plenty of Hotels to Book to get your Money Worth.

A Very Good Place To Live In

Schaumburg Neigborhood

Schaumburg is a very good place to live in. We are not just saying this because there was actually an official report about it. MONEY Magazine named Schaumburg “The Best Place to Live in Illinois” back in 2018. Time Magazine also included Schaumburg in the list of best places to live in America.

People who live in Schaumburg love the fact that in a year, there are 189 days of sunshine.

Feeling hungy? Here are the top 5 Restaurants in Schaumburg that surely will make your tummy smile.

1 of the 2 IKEA stores in Illinois Is Found Here

Ikea Schaumburg

Anyone who loves furniture shopping knows how amazing it is in IKEA. If you’re from Illinois, there are only two branches of IKEA you can go to. One of which is located in Schaumburg. To be more specific, the IKEA in Schaumburg is by McConnor Parkway which is very close to the Woodfield Mall.

They open at 10:00 am every day and stay open until 9:00 am. On Sunday, they are only open until 8:00 pm.

Mark your calendar for Schaumburg’s 4 Fun Festivals that happens yearly. It is filled with good people and nice ambiance that you would not want to miss.

Some Movies Have Filmed Here

Schaumburg might not be the most popular area in Illinois but it definitely attracted some productions to film within the area over the years. Some of the movies that shot scenes in places around Schaumburg were Bad Teacher, Blood and Wine, and The Founder.

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