4 Fun Festivals & Events You Can Go To Around Schaumburg, Illinois

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Whenever you are in Schaumburg, Illinois, there is actually more to do than just the same old shopping and drinking at bars. If you go at the right time, you can actually catch some pretty fun events and festivals.

We’re going to let you know today about some of the best ones in Schaumburg that are attended by loads of people every year.  

To get you started, here are Some Fun Facts about Schaumburg for you to get familiarized.

Ballpark Brewfest

Ballpark Brewfest

If you are someone who loves drinking beer, then you need to go to the Ballpark Brewfest. You will be able to drink a huge selection of beers here from more than 50 breweries. The Brewfest this year will be held on May 11, 2019, at the Schaumburg Boomers Stadium.

That is already so close so you better start planning your trip asap in case you want to head to Schaumburg for the event. You can actually head to their website today and get early bird tickets for as low as $45.

If you  feel bored during the Festival, here are some suggesstions on What to Do in Schaumburg during your family trip.

Schaumburg Septemberfest

One of the very popular festivals you can go to in Schaumburg is the Schaumburg Septemberfest. Adults are not only the ones who will enjoy the festival because people of all ages are actually welcome. Aside from the amazing musical performances they have, there is also a ton of food stalls and rides on the festival grounds.

You can create memories and take many photos with your family here. Although, just be extra prepared and make sure you have access to the nearest data recovery expert like TTR Data Recovery just in case your phone or camera gets damaged before you get to upload your photos.

The Septemberfest in 2019 will be held on Aug 28 until September 2 at the Robert O. Atcher Municipal Center.

JDRF One Walk

Jdrf One Walk

When you want to do something fun while still being able to help people, then you might want to attend the JDRF One Walk. This event is basically when people all walk together for a cause. The funds raised from the event are donated to the research for a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

JDRF is the organization who is in charge of the event and they’ve been having the One Walk event for a number of years already. The money they have raised is estimated to have reached at least $2 billion already so far. The One Walk in Schaumburg usually happens every September.

Schaumburg offers a comfortable place to stay within these Money Worth Hotel in Schaumburg, if you want some quality time with your loved ones.

Taste of Roselle

Taste Of Roselle

If you are game for a short drive, then you should definitely head to Roselle for the Taste of Roselle event. The event this year will be held on August 2, 3, and 4, 2019. Food is one of the main stars here because there are many vendors that will offer some really good selections.

For those who are on a diet, we think this event would be the best place to spend your cheat day in. Aside from food, there is also a craft fair, a bingo tent, and some live entertainment. Kids will also live all the rides at the carnival. The funds raised from the event are always donated to community projects. 

After a long day filled with smiles and laughter, you might want to treat yourself or your family to one of the top 5 Restaurants in Schaumburg that serves good food.

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