A Chicago Idol: Jennifer Hudson

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Chicago has always been a place wherein talent, culture and history coincided with one another. Chicago owns an environment wherein it bred numerous incredible artists. Chicago was a place of art, a place of culture, a place of music, and a place of appreciation. Chicago served as a haven for artists and because of this, the talent pool developed people who were set to take over the world by storm.

Chicago has bred very successful people in the industry of music. Artists like Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, R. Kelly, were all products of the great city of Chicago. Some of the classic artists coming from Chicago are Walt Disney and Hugh Hefner. Legendary would be an understatement when you describe these people.

Jennifer Hudson

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One of the most notable modern and young artists of this time that is a proud product of Chicago is the one and only, Jennifer Hudson.

If you’re raised in Chicago you’ll know about the famous tourist spot Navy Pier. It covers about 50 acres of land that has parks, shops, restaurants, retail and gardens for the public to enjoy.

Jennifer Hudson: The Early Years

Jennifer Hudson was known to be a very talented individual, even in her younger years. But, she didn’t start off as big as she is now. Even before her American idol debut, young Jennifer has already been performing in front of huge crowds. She first started performing as a performer for Disney Cruise Ships. And it was Kelly Clarkson’s win that has pushed her to join American Idol.

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Jennifer Hudson and the Silver Screen

Jennifer Hudson Performance

It didn’t take a long time before Jennifer Hudson hit the big screens. Her voice, her personality and her acting prowess has stamped her name as a very talented individual in the acting industry.

One of her most prized moments is when she played as a Motown-Era singer for the legendary and iconic movie, Dreamgirls. In this movie she won her very first Golden Globe Award and her first Oscar Statue. Jennifer Hudson, being an all-around artist, also won her Grammy for her 2008 debut album at the same time as this movie.

Her most modern participation in a full-length film would be her characterization and voice-cover for the Nana Noodleman in the animated movie- Sing!

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Jennifer Hudson on The Voice UK

Jennifer Hudson has also been seen very frequently on the television singing competition: The Voice. And, what’s very interesting about this is that a lot of her videos are going viral because she has the tendency to do live, full-on performances during downtimes while filming. And, no one’s complaining about them because Jennifer is just wonderful to watch and hear.

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Jennifer Hudson: A Chicago Holiday

Jennifer Hudson Chcago Holiday

If Atlanta, Georgia has Martin Luther King Day, then Chicago, Illinois has Jennifer Hudson Day. Jennifer Hudson has served as a source of pride and inspiration for the great city of Chicago that in 2007, Mayor Richard M. Daley declared March 6 as an official public holiday for Chicago. March 6 was declared “Jennifer Hudson Day” in honor of the great singer.

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