The Donkey Rescue on I-90

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By Linda J

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Have you ever seen an animal on the highway? Well, it’s not really that uncommon. Many roads such as this of the I-90, cross through the natural habitats of many wildlife species; in this case, a donkey.

Now, we all know that highways require a significant speed for vehicles; and so, that only spells danger on both the human and the animal, unknowingly placing itself on the road. In a situation like that, you can expect a very bad collision.

Collisions are very good examples as to why recording devices such as the dashcam, body-cam (as the footage was used in this report), phones, CCTV’s and the like, are important and useful for investigation of unexpected incidents. In your driving routine, for example, your dashcam gives you not only that security and comfort in driving but to mainly record everything going in and around your car just in case something very unpleasant happens in your travels.

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Donkey Rescue

Although these devices don’t last for life and sometimes get lost due to theft, misplacement, and accidents, it is smart to have a good hard drive data recovery expert near you in Chicago so you can safely keep your necessary information in the event of a loss of your device.

You’ll never know when even the most mundane footages can be a treasure in various situations.

Donkey Needed Help to Find Shrek

Exactly on the 17th of April, Wednesday, a donkey was found in the middle of the highway. It was on the I-90 near Arlington Heights Road where a Cook County sheriff’s deputy pulled over and helped the donkey find its way back to its owner. You can see the footage from the deputy’s body-cam as she rescues the donkey here in the aftermath tweet of her department.

Apparently, the donkey’s name was Dusty and it was immediately returned to its owner, thanks to the initiative and efforts of the animal-hero deputy.

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Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions

Wildlife Vehicle Collisions

Unfortunately, only very few people realize how great the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions is. To inform you finally, a study showed that every year in the United States, there are one to two million collisions between cars and large animals. Now that is not a pleasant number. In fact, we don’t even want any number to deal with, but it’s real and it happens more often than we think.

For some more collision facts, there are many animals species federally listed as “threatened” or “endangered” in the United States, and road mortality has resulted to be a major threat to their survival. Another is that collision damage can cost more than just the motorist’s car getting totaled but the lives of the people both inside and outside the vehicle.

The bright side is, although solving this problem is not that simple, many research teams are already working to at least minimize these accidents so we can save both humans and animals from danger. There are practices such as animal-fencing, building animal crossing structures, animal detection systems, public information like those of the traffic signs, reports, and of course, education.

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