Illinois: 5 Places You Must Visit

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Planning a trip to Illinois might be one of the most difficult tasks just because there are countless activities that you must absolutely do and deciding which ones to do in a short span of time might be too tedious.

So, here’s a list of things you must definitely do and places you absolutely must see in Illinois:

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Anderson Japanese Gardens

Take a whiff and a taste of Japan with the Anderson Japanese Gardens right at the heart of the state’s third largest city, Rockford. The Anderson Japanese Gardens has made a reputation for itself as the most beautiful, most curated and the best take of a Japanese Garden in the entirety of the United States.

A lot of people really love their decision of spending the day in the calming Anderson Japanese Gardens.

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Shawnee National Forest

When you want to get in touch with nature and ground yourself, the Shawnee National Forest might serve as the best area to retreat to. This great forest is located at the southernmost part of Illinois and what’s so special about this forest is that it used to be covered under the Laurentide Ice Sheet which has melted millions and millions of years ago.

It is absolutely the best area to hike, trek, swim, camp and to take the best photos. Also, make sure to safeguard these photos with a hard drive data recovery service in Illinois.



That’s right! Straight from the hit animated comedy series – The Simpsons. Springfield is the capital of Illinois and was once the home of the Great Abraham Lincoln.

This is absolutely the best place to visit when you are a Lincoln fan and there are numerous options and you won’t run out of things to do. In Springfield, the Lincoln National Historic Site is located where Abraham resided for more than 15 years.

The Oak Ridge Cemetery is also in Springfield which is one of the most visited cemeteries in the whole world.

Hungry? Visit one of these Top 5 Absolute Must-Eats in Illinois.


Your trip to Illinois won’t be complete without a trip to one of their most popular destinations – Chicago. It has also built a rep to have one of the most touristy areas in Midwestern United States. The concrete jungle of Chicago has an unlimited selection of activities but the highlights are in the Loop.

Millennium Park is located here as well as the photo-required spot, The Bean. The Loop also includes the Chicago Institute of Art, one of the world’s top art museums. The Aon Center, Chase Tower, Federal Center, are some of the areas you should definitely check out when in Illinois.

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Cahokia Mounds

Cahokia Mounds

Take a break from the city by going to the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Park. The great and green outdoors of Cahokia is located right outside St. Louis on the other side of the state border.

These mounds served as the living grounds of the American Indians that thrived in the lands for more than 800 years. Make sure to check out the solar calendar which nods to the Stonehenge in England.

Have you been to The Art Institute of Chicago? It’s a nice place to visit along with your loved ones. Here’s another things to do when in Illinois.

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