Take A Wild Ride in Six Flags Over Georgia

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Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags has built a reputation for building the best theme parks in America. They have built park attractions like roller coasters and 5-D experiences that has solidified their reputation as one of the absolute authorities when it comes to creating theme parks.

One of the prime locations of Six Flags is Six Flags Over Georgia, and they are a definite must-visit spot for anyone who steps foot in the state of Georgia.

Six Flags Over Georgia is spread around 290-acres of land and is full of a variety of attractions. Although, there are a few attractions that you must prioritize because they are the absolute best in the park.

In case that you lose your phone and lose all your photos and videos, you can always approach a local hard drive data recovery near you to help you get back those precious memories. Or better yet, you can just play it safe and just enjoy the ride!

Hands (and Phones) Inside the Ride at All Times!

Batman Ride Six Flags

It is a very popular trend on social media right now that you videotape/ or document your reactions when you ride a thrilling attraction (like a roller coaster ride.) 

These videos go viral quick because they are very entertaining in nature. This involves holding your phone or your camera in front of you while you ride loops, turns and very high drops.

It is not a rare occasion that a Six Flags Over Georgia visitor loses his/ her phone because they dropped it during the ride. And when you lose your phone or camera, you lose all the pictures and videos that you took containing your memorable experiences and precious memories in the theme park. 

Get The Best Bang For Your Buck

Six Flags Over Georgia offers numerous promos and packages that will get you the best deal for the lowest price. One of their most popular packages is their Six Flags Membership. 

With the membership, you get all the privileges of the Season Pass with over 50 additional benefits every visit. This includes: free friend tickets, unlimited soft drinks, fast passes, preferred parking and up to half the price off on almost anything.

If you visit the Six Flags site now and avail of the membership, you can get 50% off of the season price and get an additional three-months free membership.

Six Flags Over Georgia Membership

Six Flags Over Georgia also offer package deals for their passes. If you buy 4 (or more) season passes, you get a free season parking pass. You can also enjoy their Fright Fest and Holiday in the Park. You will also receive 65% off of the regular price with special in-park discounts and exclusive offers.

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