Black History in Georgia: The MLK Jr. National Historical Park

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Mlk National Historical Park

Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the most iconic individuals of the civil rights movement and he is also holds the greatest contributions in the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. is most known for his standpoints on bringing greater equality all across the lands of America.

Martin Luther King, Jr. made it a point that every person, regardless of race, color, size, sex, gender, religion, shape or size, had civil rights.

One of his most notable movements were bringing major publicity to civil rights activities, rallies and gatherings and the emphasis of his whole movement was standing on non-violent protests.

Martin Luther King Memory

He was the model and icon for the African-American Civil Rights Movement, and was a strong pillar of grace and hope. Martin Luther King Jr.’s name was very prominent in the American Society around the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s belief in nonviolent protests has paved the way for legislation to be passed and for equality to be possible for the great lands of America. Looking back to the past is a great experience and if you want to learn more, you can visit the Top 3 Historical Sites in Georgia.

Martin Luther King, Jr. – Born and Raised in Georgia

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King Jr. is a proud individual from the great lands of Georgia, particularly in the city of Atlanta. Young Martin Luther King, Jr. attended local public schools and was formed and molded by the society and people of Georgia. Martin Luther King Jr. also attended Morehouse College at the age of 15 years old.

Now, the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park stands in ATL, GA in honor of the great political leader.

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A Memory Lane You Should Definitely Walk Through

Mlk Shrine

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park holds the numerous sites that were very important in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. – where he was born, raised, worked, worshipped, prayed and buried.

The King Center is a site wherein there is a lot of history and knowledge, so do not miss the chance to absorb new information. Taking down notes on a notebook might be a bit too tedious, so better use your smartphone for faster note-taking. 

Also, make sure that you are backed by a reliable hard drive data recovery service in Georgia so that you can access your notes anywhere. The rich kind of information and history in the King Center is something that you would always want to look back to, and share with your family and friends.

When you visit the great state of Georgia, visiting the MLK Jr. Nat’l Historical Park should definitely be at the top of your planning list.

Marthing Luther King Center

A visit in the King Center serves as one of the best resources that is geared towards educating the international community of allied individuals and groups of people that are all working together to achieve the vision of MLK, Jr. His methods of non-violence that has driven the more peaceful society that we have today is a noteworthy stepping stone for our society to move further.

The MLK Jr. National Historical Park is only one of the few historical parks in Georgia that deserves a spot in your must-visit list. Not a miles away you can visit the Stone Mountain Park to see its majectic scenery.

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