Fun Facts About Stone Mountain Park in Georgia

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Stone Park Mountain Georgia

The State of Georgia is home to a lot of recreational parks, historic monuments and natural conservatories. They are known to be very popular tourist hotspots because of their beautiful sceneries, rich history and exceptional service to their visitors. 

One of the most outstanding places that is definitely not to miss when you visit the state is the Stone Mountain Park in the DeKalb County.

The Stone Mountain Park is equipped with a lot of fun-filled and exciting activities that is very family and child friendly. From train rides to duck boats, a technologically forward 4-D Movie, the Summit Skyride and the famous miniature golf course that is perfect for the young ones. 

There are also 2 18-hole golf courses that adults can enjoy along with a spa service, fine dining and resort hotels wherein grown-ups can relax and rejuvenate.

Next top would be the Martin Luther King Jr. National Park, if you want to know more about the black people history. 

Stone Mountain Park

The Stone Park Mountain is home to very picturesque and Instagram-worthy photo locations so don’t be surprised if you catch yourself snipping a lot of photos with your smartphone.

A good tip would be having access to a reliable hard drive data recovery service in Georgia  to make sure that you don’t lose your photos and documentation in an unlikely and unexpected incident. You wouldn’t want to lose any of the precious memories and sights that you will catch in the Stone Park Mountain in Georgia.

No Budget? No Worries!

Stone Mountain Park

Having a fun time and making memorable moments with you family and friends, need not to be expensive. The Stone Mountain Park is a location wherein you will have one of the best times in your life, without breaking the bank. 

The best attractions in Stone Mountain Park are free, that’s just after you pay for your daily parking fee of $15, or if you’re frequently in the area, you might want to avail of the annual parking pass of $40 so you can get more bang for your buck.

If you’re a local, or if the place you’re staying in is relatively near to the park, you may opt to walk or cycle to the park and you wouldn’t need to pay for anything extra.

If you want a thrilling experience, you can try the Six Flags Over Georgia. It will make you scream in joy and forget all your stress for a moment.

A Sight You Absolutely Can’t Miss: The Confederate Hall

Confederate Hall Stone Mountain

The Confederate Hall is the very first establishment that you will encounter when you enter the Stone Mountain Park – and it is deserving of its spot in the park. There is an interactive exhibit featuring how the stone mountain was made. 

There are also two movie theaters where in history junkies can go and watch “The Battle Of Georgia” or “The Men Who Carved The Mountain”. These are two very historical movies that have gained their respectful popularity in the state of Georgia.

The Confederate Hall is only one of the few spectacles in their very wide field of sights to see, free activities and exciting establishments in the Stone Mountain Park. Also, make sure you do not miss the Lasershow Spectacular, which is one of the most breathtaking shows in the Stone Mountain Park.

So the next time that you would be visiting the glorious state of Georgia, make sure to free up some time to visit its historical and recreational parks, especially the Stone Mountain Park.

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