The Legendary History of the Fox Theatre, ATL

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The theater is one of the best places to go for entertainment. Is it a concert that you want to see? A movie? Or a play? Automatically, the theater is one of the places that come to mind. Today, there are countless theaters that try to set the bar higher.

Let alone architecture, the building of theaters are out of this world. They have become larger and more versatile, giving artists and directors more creative freedom and making the theater itself multi-purpose. It just keeps evolving every time.

Here, now, is one particular theater that holds a legendary history. The Fox Theater. Although it is already almost a hundred years old, this theater has set an excellent example of how theaters should look like and be.

Legendary History Of The Fox Theatre

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The Unusual Start

In the year 1928, an organization with a very rich and high social status, called the Atlanta’s Shriners, intended to create a place to call their own headquarters. Now, the group has a high stature, they wished the place to be just as grand as they. Because of that, they had built a mosque-style building, influenced by the ancient temples of the Far East.

The building had a highly florid design. It was so elaborate. Domes, minarets, and beautiful archways were the perfect exterior combination for people to appreciate the shining gold leaf details, the grand textiles and the mind-blowing trompe l’oeil art as they enter. Truly, “God was in the details” in this one.

Fox Theatre Front

Because the design was so grand and detail heavy, the total cost of the building was more than the Shriners could handle. Just before the building was completed, the Shriners leased it to the movie emperor, William Fox. He had built multiple theaters, all grand and beautiful, across the country for Americans to consume.

Then, by the end of the 20s, theaters have become an important part of many communities as it was commonplace to appreciate movies and other art.

Fox’s Costs

The Fox Theater’s completion totaled to more than $3 million dollars. With the purchasing power of a dollar compared to today, that’s $40 million. Inclusive of this project was a beloved addition, and that is the “Mighty Mo”, the 3,622-pipe Möller organ that apparently is still the largest one in the world today.

Down Then Up

Fox Theatra San Francisco

Unfortunately, although the Fox theater had already built its popularity, it just couldn’t stand against the Great Depression. The theater was bankrupt and was auctioned and sold to a private company for only $75,000.

But despite that, the grand movie-palace was still loved and for the next 3 decades, remained in demand, active with shows, and other events.

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