Why You Need To Visit The Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Dogwood City Botanical Garden

Looking for rare herbs? They’ve got a wall full of them. Orchids? They’ve got the largest collection. The wild? Get up-close to them here and listen to them croak in their natural habitat. Concert? Every night under the stars here at the Atlanta Botanical Garden!

The Atlanta Botanical Garden has expanded and that means they have more to offer, new opportunities and better ways of experiencing their exhibits and collections! Just this past year, the 30-acre oasis next to Piedmont Park in Midtown has now twice its size. 

It was a multimillion-dollar project all for making a better and wider vocabulary of learning! The garden isn’t just all about beauty, it’s got some brains too! They’ve got two nationally recognized conservation programs focused on saving native Georgia orchids and rare frogs from all over the world. Isn’t that very noble? Here is why you need to visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Olympics is one of the main entertainment of the people of Atlanta. One of the most iconic is the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Edible Garden

Try to stop yourself from eating everything because come to think of it, if you could, then the new Edible Garden won’t last long. So no, you actually cannot eat anything as you go through the isles of seasonal fruits and vegetables displayed. Once you reach the outdoor kitchen, chefs give you cooking demos with fresh produce. 

Yes, they want you to have a hard time battling with your food temptations. After that, you get to pass the beautiful vertical herb garden which is very hard not to touch, but this time, you’re allowed! So go ahead, by all means! You can flush down the battle you just went through when you get to the Metro Fresh on-site cafe. Chow down there!

Next top would be the Georgia Aquarium, it is the second largest aquarium in the world. The aquarium acts as the largest viewing windows in the world giving the people an awesome experience by witnessing over tens of thousands of animals swim all over those 10 million gallons of water.

Largest Orchid Collection

A Glimpse of Atlanta, Georgia

As much as 2,000 species of orchids from around the world are in the Garden’s permanent collection. You can enjoy seeing all of these as you walk and gaze around. The Garden, as you know, also helps save Georgia’s 60 native species. 

Professionals search for flowers, collect their seeds without disturbing the plants and work with the species in the lab. Once done, the species is then reintroduced to the Southern landscape.

If you’re fond of theatre act, then you should read the History of Fox Theatre. Although it is already almost a hundred years old, this theater has set an excellent example of how theaters should look like and be.


Atlanta Botanical Garden Frog

This will definitely make a child go “wow!”. The frog terrariums in the Garden Conservatory are well lit for all to see. In fact, these frogs were salvaged by the staff since they were confiscated due to being brought into the country illegally. 

That way, they are kept safe. Although they are still available for viewing, visitors shall understand the work being done by the Garden’s Amphibian Conservation program.

Frogs are very sensitive actually. Their skin absorbs everything around it, they are effective gauges of air and water pollution, as well as other environmental changes. Learn more about these at the Garden and the staff will be more than happy to narrate to you.

Softdrinks are mostly part of every celebration. One of the all time favorite is Coca-Cola, which started with a pharmacist in Atlanta named Dr. John S. Pemberton.

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