Coca Cola and It's History in Atlanta

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Coca Cola History

The Coca-cola Company has long served us happiness in an ice-cold bottle. You just can’t help grabbing one, especially on a hot day. Today, the company remains to be one of the top leading soft drink brands in the world. But just how did the Coca-Cola Company start?

How did the first original Coca-Cola drink come to be? A few only know it’s history but we are about to find out.

The Drink

Coca Cola Then And Now

The Coca-Cola started with a pharmacist in Atlanta named Dr. John S. Pemberton. It was in the year 1886 when he was simply curious about the taste of sparkling beverages and wanted to create a distinct one that would be sold at soda fountains.

From there, he came up with a flavored syrup, then taken to his neighborhood pharmacy to have it mixed with carbonated water, and the result was “excellent” according to the people who sampled it. The newly found beverage was named “Coca-Cola” by Dr. Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson.

He also designed the very popular trademarked script that the company still uses today.

Today, just like Coca-Cola’s trademarked script, it has been kept and used for already more than a hundred years and since our phones contribute to that of keeping something, make sure you know a  trusted data recovery technician near you (check our service here) so you could retrieve your precious memories and other important data.

In 1888, before the death of Coca-Cola’s creator, Dr. Pemberton sold parts of his business to various groups and the majority to an Atlantan businessman, Asa G. Candler. It was then under this man’s leadership that Coca-Cola expanded to soda fountains beyond Atlanta.

The Bottle

In 1894, inspired by the growing demand for Coca-Cola and a desire to make soft drinks portable, a man named Joseph Biedenharn built a bottling machine at the back of his soda fountain in Mississippi. This was then the year when Coca-Cola was put into bottles.

Five years later, 3 entrepreneurs, Benjamin Thomas, Joseph Whitehead, and John Lupton bought the bottling rights for only $1 and developed what has become the Coca-Cola worldwide bottling system.

It was a challenge to stay distinct among other beverage competitors so, in 1916, the bottlers approved the contour bottle. Coca-Cola’s new body was effectively distinct and definitely set the brand apart. The contoured bottle was then trademarked in 1977.

Coca-Cola’s Marketing Moves

Coca Cola Marketing

Rewinding back to 1887, Coca-Cola’s first marketing move, which apparently was innovative back then, was through coupons allowing people to get free samples of the drink. Fast forward to the 70s to 90s, the efforts were to connect the brand with fun and friends, as well as sharing and refreshing.

You can bet that the Coca-Cola commercials were at the top of the advertising game. Memorable slogans, catchy commercials, and the animated polar bear, these Coca-Cola ads were all a hit, making the drink outplay all its other competitors.

Today, what we know of Coca-Cola is the “Open Happiness”. This message became global, inviting all the people of the world to grab one, pause, refresh and continue to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Now, because of Coca-Cola’s well-established connection with happiness, it has led the world to build happy occasions with the drink in their hands, and that itself spells success for the company.

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