Top 3 Lakes You Should Definitely Visit in Georgia

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A Glimpse of Georgia

The State of Georgia is home to numerous majestic bodies of water. Which equips the state with a lot of natural attractions along with its man-made spectacles. 

Bodies of water and rainforests are regions that allow millions of living creatures to coexist. Thousands of species of flora and fauna are present in these natural bodies which makes it quite a spectacle to see, moreso experience.

What’s great about nature is that it does not care who you are, where you are from or what you have done in life. All it cares about is how you interact with it and that’s the complete beauty of it.

The State of Georgia is very famous for its lakes. As a matter of fact, the state of Georgia is very popular for its long and winding lakes that are definitely majestic and picturesque.

Millions of tourists visit these lakes to experience the unique beauty of these lakes in Georgia. Needless to say, these lakes deserve a very high spot in your priority list when you come and visit the glorious state of Georgia.

Georgia Lake

Don’t Forget To Document

Because of the ever changing world, these natural tourist spots probably won’t last forever so make sure to take all the photos you can. To be secure, make you have access to a trusted hard drive data recovery service in Georgia so you never lose your precious memorabilia.

Although there are a lot of lakes in Georgia, some of them stand out more than most. Here are the top three lakes you should definitely allot time to experience:

The Lake Rabun

Lake Rabun Georgia

The Lake Rabun sits calmly at the shoreline of the Northeastern Corner of the state of Georgia in the Rabun County. It is a long, twisty and winding 835-acre reservoir with a 40 kilometer shoreline.

The Lake Rabun is the third lake in the six-lake series that follows the major river of Tallulah. Prior to the Lake Rabun, there is Lake Burton and Lake Seed. After Lake Rabun lies Lake Tallulah Falls, Lake Tugalo and Lake Yonah.

If the universe allows and you are in the area of Lake Rabun during 4th of July, then you’re in luck. The Lake Rabun has extremely festive 4th of July celebrations which you shouldn’t miss.

Not a few miles away you can visit the Stone Mountain and enjoy it’s majestic scenery.

Lake Oconee

Lake Oconee

The Lake Oconee lies in Central Georgia on the Oconee River relatively near Eatonton and Greensboro. This reservoir was created in 1979 when the company, Georgia Power, completed Wallace Dam on the Oconee river. Lake Oconee runs across three counties – which runs separately from its sister lake, Sinclaire.

The lodges in Lake Oconee are nothing more than serene and spectacular. It is a must-experience event when you visit the state of Georgia. Whenever you feel longing for the stories of the past. The deeds of heroes who do not need any super mpower to make a change, you can visit 3 Historical Sites in Georgia

Martin Luther King is one of the most iconic individuals of the civil rights movement and he is also holds the greatest contributions in the civil rights movement.

Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona runs through Cobb, Bartow and Cherokee counties. Not only does this lake possess unmatched beauty, it is also a source for clean and drinkable water for the surrounding communities.

Lake Allatoona runs for 270 miles with more than 12,000 acres to explore. The Lake is popular for fishing and boating activities.

After a day of enjoyment whether you swim or just relax on front of the lake, you might want to feel the rush and thrill of Six Flags Over Georgia.

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