How to Make the Most of Your Trip in Disneyland Florida

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Florida is analogous to Disney World. It is the infamous tourist destination for kids and adults to go for exhilarating rides in the Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

But can you come (and enjoy!) in Disney World without burning a hole in your wallet? Or spend so much time waiting in line you missed out on better rides? It’s time to get some magic happening!  

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Before anything else

Disneyland In Florida

Visiting Disney World for the nth time is like visiting it for the first time. It’s always enchanting and leaves you wanting for more.

But for the first-timers, it will be a magical one. If you’re coming from out of town or a tourist flying in from Asia, it’s best to secure all necessary documents and bring extra money with you.

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Tip #1: Customize magic bands

This is your most prized item during your entire trip to Disney World. If you’re opting to stay here, it’s best to reserve a Disney Magical Express when you’re already set to go. What you’d want is convenience and time is EVERYTHING here.

You’d like to get as much ‘magic’ as you can during your stay so you keep everything in order as long as you have the bands with you.

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Tip #2: Have your Disney Experience App downloaded

Disney App

Prior going to Florida, download this app in your phone to avoid long waiting time for rides, have your meals on time, and buy any Disney souvenirs without having to wait in line for them.

You can have any purchased item sent to your room or home just using your photo pass.

Tip #3: Extra Magic Hours should be optional

You will find that certain parks have extended Magic Hours. A little heads-up: This is the busiest time to be out and about. If this happens early morning, you might like to take advantage of it before it gets packed.

It’s best to have a plan B in mind in case you oversleep and miss this activity.

Tip #4: Schedule your Fast Pass

Disney Fast Pass

Create a schedule in the morning for your first 3 passes in one park. Once you’ve finished all your scheduled rides, you can then schedule another three later that day in the same place or a different park. This way, you are saving time and effort. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

Pro tip: Disney World hotel guests can schedule their passes 60 days before their reservation date.

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Tip #5: Cut down unnecessary expenditures

If you’re looking to scrimp as much as you can during the trip, look into discounted ticket prices online. The Undercover Tourist offer discounted rates starts with 3-Day to 10-Day tickets. For Seasonal, Platinum, and Platinum Plus passes, you can check them out at Autoclub South.

Disney World is situated in towns near Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista in Orlando. It is best to check for schedules first before visiting so you make the most of your trip.

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