The Best Places To Take Your Next Instagram Photo In Orlando, FL

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A Glimpse of Orlando, Florida

Andrew Spear Mural

Andrew Spear Mural

Andrew Spear is a very talented artist who is fond of painting huge murals. When you head on over to Shine & Colonial, you will be able to see a beautiful mural by Spear that will surely look amazing when it reaches your Instagram feed. The mural is colorful and simply looking at it will show you how talented Spear is as an artist.

Bring your kids in Places kids will enjoy in Orlando to let them enjoy and play.

DeLand Wings

If you happen to be somewhere in DeLand, you might want to stop by the DeLand Wings artwork and fulfill your dreams of having some wings. Beside the wings, it says it was done by Erica Group. They are probably very proud that their artwork has become such a hit.

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Milk District Wings

Milk District Wings

In Orlando, the murals are never-ending and it seems like huge wings are really a thing. When you’re in the Milk District, you will find a mural called Milk Wings which was an artist named DelaCruz. You have the freedom to take as many photos as you want. In case of a hard drive melt down, make sure to call a hard drive data recovery expert in Orlando.

Postcard Mural

Post Card Mural

Whenever you travel to another country, you can often get your hands on a postcard. For an artist named Victor Ving, he decided to paint a huge mural of an artsy Orlando postcard by Uncle Tony’s Donut Shoppe. The mural says “Greeting From Orlando” and it has easily become one of the most popular murals in the area.

Lake Eola Park

A nice place in Downtown Orlando wherein you can relax and take photos is Lake Eola Park. You can go swan or bird watching in the park and you can even opt to rent a paddle boat that looks like a huge swan.

The Walt Disney Amphitheater is located here as well and there are often plays, movies, or concerts showing here. Going here during the sunset allows you to take beautiful panoramic photos for your feed.

Kraft Azalea Gardens

Kraft Azalea Gardens

If you are in the mood to take photos that will make you look like you are one with nature, then you should head on over to the Kraft Azalea Gardens. The place is perfect to take romantic couple photos as well and you might even want to have your wedding photos taken here.

Although, you just have to be extra careful because Alligators are quite common here. There are many warning signs around the park so just make sure you are in a safe area while you are taking your photos.

Universal Orlando

When you do not want to be going to too many places just for photos, you can just opt to spend your day at Universal Orlando because there are so many Instagram-worthy spots here. You can go to Mel’s Drive-In (which looks like a diner from the 1950s or 1960s), the Hogwarts Castle, and Volcano Bay.

If you want to fulfill the full tourist experience, you shouldn’t forget to take a photo by the Universal Studios Globe.

You might want to treat yourself and go some places if you’re tired of theme parks.

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