Orlando Finally Has Smokeable Medical Marijuana

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Medical Marijuana In Orlando

As years pass, more and more people are saved by the use of medical marijuana. Those who battle HIV/AIDS, Cancer, or chronic pain are some of the people that get to benefit from the wonder of medical marijuana. As of today, 33 states in the United States have already made the use of medical marijuana legal.

In March 2019, people from Orlando rejoiced because medical marijuana that is in a smokable form was finally made available. The Orlando Sentinel mentioned that only patients who are able to get a doctor’s approval are allowed to purchase the medical marijuana that is newly being offered.

This is truly revolutionary since trying to buy marijuana from a sketchy dealer can have some serious risks.

Benefits of Marijuana

Medical Marijuana In Orlando

Using medical marijuana can make a patient’s illness more bearable but they can also suffer some side effects like hallucinations and memory problems. In case the patient has some important stuff on their laptops or phones that is important for their work, it might be best to have a trustworthy data recovery service in Orlando just in case anything happens

Ron DeSantis, who is the Governor of Florida, was the guy who made everything possible. He signed a bill earlier in March allowing the use of a smokable form of medical marijuana. DeSantis only started serving as the Governor back in January 2019 and this whole smokable medical marijuana bill was the first bill he approved as governor.

Before this bill was passed, people from Orlando could already make use of medicinal marijuana. The only catch was that smokable medical marijuana was still prohibited. Patients had to use medical marijuana in the form of ointments, injections, oils, or vape pens.

Marijuana's Demands are increasing

Medical Marijuana

Now that medicinal marijuana is getting a higher demand, so many cannabis businesses are starting to stock up with a lot of cannabis supply. The Florida Department of Health already allowed two companies named Curaleaf and Trulieve to start selling medical marijuana that’s in a smokable form.

Dispensaries around Orlando will also be allowed bongs and pipes already for those who need to use medicinal marijuana.

Reports say that a man named Derek Thompson was the first ever person who was able to buy smokable medical marijuana in Orlando. Thompson suffers from sleeplessness, nausea, and migraines so using medical marijuana worked wonders for him. He also got to have more savings since prescription drugs are not cheap.

The new bill will help a lot of people but there are also some who still won’t be able to make use of it. Patients who are not yet 18 years old are not allowed to use medical marijuana but there will be an exception if they are already terminally ill. They will also have to get approval from two doctors.

For those who were approved to use medical marijuana, they will have to do it somewhere private because they are not allowed to do it in any kind of public place. Times are changing and it’s nice to see that the government is starting to have an open mind when it comes to medical marijuana.

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