Local News: Boeing 737 Max To Make An Emergency Landing In Orlando

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Anybody and everybody would want to travel the world. Creating memories in different places is something we would all feel great about when we get older so we should invest in traveling. Depending on where you are, you can often spend hours inside a plane. Some of you might be quite paranoid whenever you feel some turbulence since plane crashes really happen.

For a Southwest Airlines flight that was meant to head to Victorville in California, things took an odd turn when they had to make an emergency landing at the Orlando International Airport. Anybody would be terrified during an event like this but thankfully, there were no passengers on the flight because it was a “ferry flight”.

Boeing 737 Max

The plane used for the flight was a Boeing 737 Max and this is actually an infamous type of plane already. You might have heard reports above tragic plane crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia. More than 300 people died during these accidents.

When both accidents were investigated, they were able to discover that a Boeing 737 Max was the plane that crashed during both times. Unexpected accidents like this can happen to anyone these days so it’s really good to know where to find the best data recovery service near you in Orlando just so important things on your laptop or phone can be saved and recovered if ever.

Emergency Landing Cause

Boeing 737 Emergency Landing

What caused the Southwest Airlines flight to make an emergency landing was said to be some engine problems. The No. 2 engine of the plane apparently overheated just when the plane took off.

The pilots of the plane were immediately alarmed so they had to go back to the Orlando International Airport. They eventually landed safely but a lot had to be discussed after everything happened.

Ed Markey, who is the Senator of Massachusetts, later mentioned after the emergency landing in Orlando International Airport happened that he plans to write a letter addressed to the CEO of Boeing. He wants the company’s CEO to clear so many things about the Boeing 737 Max plane.

Markey also wants the Boeing CEO to explain the extra security features the company has invested in for their planes. Everybody wants to have safe travels so making sure a plane is 100% safe should be a top priority. The Boeing CEO is set to give an answer by April 16, 2019.

Boing 737 Max Emergency Landing

If you plan to do a lot of traveling in the next couple of months, you don’t really need to worry about being an unlucky passenger of a Boeing 737 Max because the FAA actually banned the use of a Boeing 737 Max for any kind of passenger flights. The only time a Boeing 737 Max can be used is during a “ferry flight”.

Hearing about accidents like this really makes anyone extra cautious when picking an Airline to fly with for a certain trip. With the number of budget airlines these days that sell very cheap plane tickets, it is definitely good to do your research and make sure that they are not known for having a number of plane crashes in the past.

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