Best Certified Hard Drive Data Recovery in Orlando

We’re The Favorite Hard Drive Data Recovery Professionals in “The City Beautiful”! Orlando knows who to look for during emergency cases.

World Class Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in Orlando, FL

So, what sets us apart from the rest?

Orlando is a busy city day in and out. There are also a lot of hard drive data recovery services throughout the suburbs.

Question is; What makes us the best?

TTR Data Recovery have years of experience under our belt.  We’ve focused on developing a propriety blend of innovations. Yes, our technology is superior. And it allowed us recover your data faster than the competition.

Our customer service strives harder than our competitors. That’s why if you want a trusted company that can get the job done, then look no further.  Truth is, when Orlando based businesses experience data loss – they choose us.

Drop by our Orlando office to chat with one of our friendly staff!

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  • Mon-Fri 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • 24/7 Customer Service Available
  • 121 S Orange Ave #1500, Orlando, FL 32801

We Are Orlando’s Premium Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Our Experts have helps Orlando enterprises get their lost data back no matter where it is.

Years of hard drive recovery service have allowed us to develop effective strategies. Our process enable us to recover data from a range of media devices.

There is nothing that we can’t handle! Either it’s a lost financial data or a damaged USB we shall recover it!

That said, we are here to help retrieve your important data safely and efficiently. Visit our Orlando office to book a free pre-recovery consultation today.


Hard drives are one of the forms of media drives to experience data failure.  Our expert hard drive data recovery specialists can handle it.


RAID arrays are not immune to data loss. Worse case is losing your RAID data for good! Leave it to our professionals RAID recovery services provider.


Server failures means lose thousands of dollars in customer data. We make sure you get back into operational fast! Talk to our experts to learn more.


SSD’s quick transfer rates will  not reduce risk of data loss. We’ve certified our experts for special SSD cases.


Flash drives is the most vulnerable type of media device. Not to worry, our seasoned  experts can recover your lost data quick!


Old tapes can hold many memories, but are particularly vulnerable to physical damage. Our data experts can recover lost data fast and convert it to a digital format.

We're FL's Most Trusted Data Recovery Leader

Our proven track record of providing excellent hard drive data recovery service. We uphold our commitment to safeguarding the privacy of our customers.

ISO 9001:2008

Our Certification guarantees that we have achieved the highest quality standards. We pride our brand with superior quality control and transparency.


TTR Data Recovery is SSAE 16 SOC 2 certified. Our internal controls in place have passed rigid testing. This means we can protect the confidentiality of your data.


The proficiency of our technicians are definitely at par with the competition. TTR data recovery professionals have undergone rigorous IACRB certification.


We are General Services Administration or GSA contractor. We work with government agencies because of certification.


We make sure we’re on top with latest technological advancement. And we strive to provide innovative services to our clientele.


Our certified clean rooms keeps everything devices in sterile conditions. This extra protection ensures your device and data are in ood hands.

In a busy life and a thriving business, damaging your hard disk drives is imminent. And the loss of important data can be both emotionally and financially traumatic! That is why Data recovery in Florida has never been so important.

Did you experience data corruption or data loss? Drop into our Orlando based office for aswift service.

Data First. Pay Later

We offer “data first, pay later policy” with our data recovery services! Don’t pay until you’ve verified all your lost data is safe and sound.

Free Pre-Recovery Specialist Consultation

Free pre-recovery specialist consultation first, then quotation later. This is when our technicians diagnose the exact issue of your device. This helps your decision making whether or not it’s viable to continue.

We Believe In Cost Transparency

You can be confident you won’t have any hidden charges or fees thrown onto your bill at the end. Our trademark goes beyond quality service!

Customer Support. Even On Weekends

Lost data doesn’t abide by business working days and 9-5s. That’s why our data recovery team work on weekends too! We are ready whenever and wherever your location may be. (Check out our service locations.)

  • Fees Apply Only After You Confirm Your Recovered Data.
  • No Data No Payment Policy!
  • Our Team Does Emergency Work on Weekends.
  • We Collect No Hidden Fees!
  • Fast & Reliable Emergency Recovery.
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Hard Drive Data Recovery Process!

Our Experts helps Orlando enterprises get their lost data back no matter where it is.

Free Diagnostic Process
Free Diagnostic Process

First, submit your case through our online form. Then, we’ll send you free diagnostics same day!

Data Retrieval Process
Data Retrieval Process

Step 2 is where data retrieval happens after a quote has been agreed on. The best part is there is not contract hassle.

Verify Data Process
Verify Data Process

You be ask to verify when data retrieval is successful! Once done we can proceed to the final step.

Return Data Process
Return Data Process

How you want to receive your data files is up to you. We can also send back your device if needed!

Our clients in Orlando say countless great things about our service.

We pride ourselves by providing excellent customer service. That said, Here are some of client testimonials.

  • Top Hard Drive and SSD Drive Brands Recognize Our Work!
  • We Service Hard Disk Drives Damages By Flood or Fire.
  • The Only Brand With ISO & Other Certification.
  • Our Experts Offer Our Service No Matter The Location.
  • There's No Emergency Case We Can't Handle.

Best Hard Drive Data Recovery in Orlando

In the midst of thriving Downtown Orlando lies a nexus of tech experts. And SSD data recovery service are no stranger to locals.

Looking or a reasonable quote? If so, bring your hard drive or SSD to our capable technicians.

Discover why you should never go without access to critical IT resources. Emergency cases are what we’re here for. and we’re ever eager to work on your case. Best part is, we can extract information from any hard drive or device!

TTR Data Recovery Is The Best In The Business

We're committed to comprehensive hard drive data recovery. Our Orlando clients include companies, governments and individuals. And we're constantly working to improve our offerings.



Talk to us even if you just need to recover data from a single corrupted USB flash-drive. We’re happy to help!

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Small businesses know to come to us when they need some data retrieved. We’re fast, efficient, and provide great customer service.



Large companies trust us with large volumes of hard drive data recovery. If you’re a big company that’s having a crisis situation, call us!



We always conform to the strict government standards of confidentiality. This enabled us to work with private and Government agencies!

The our Orlando hard drive data recovery specialists are proud to offer services to the Orlando area. Just minutes away from Disney World and Universal Studios. Our office is in the heart of downtown Orlando. Located inside the Chase Plaza building, just 2 blocks from city Hall and the performing arts center.

Industry grade techniques combined with years of experience. This two have propelled us to the top of the hindustry in Orlando. We use an easy 4 step process to ensure safe & secure operation!

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