Unique Experiences In Miami For Single People Who Are Tired Of Partying

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While traveling with a couple of friends is fun, there is still something amazing about going on a solo trip. Miami is known for having some pretty wild parties/clubs but for those of you are not about that life anymore, you will definitely love to experience something new.

Here are some of Miami’s best experiences for single people who are living their lives to the fullest.

Cooking Classes With Norman Van Aiken

Kitchen Class With Norman Van Aiken

If you are someone who barely cooks at home, then maybe it is time to take some cooking classes. In Miami, you can take classes which are headed by talented chef Norman Van Aken. You will be able to learn so much about barbecue and Cuban food. Only sixteen students are allowed per class so you will definitely be making a lot of new friends here.

You might want to enjoy your sole company while sipping a hot coffee afterwards.

Speedboat Tour

Many countries have tours wherein you hop on the deck of the bus but have you ever toured a place on a speedboat? Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures offers a speedboat tour of Miami Beach, South Beach, Star Island, and Fisher Island for only $38.

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Brickell Run Club

Brickell Run Club

We often want to feast on super good meals on our trips but if you still want to look good in the beach, then it’s probably best if you dedicate some time on your trips for working out. In Miami, you can actually join run club in Brickell. The club meets up at Brickell Avenue at 7 pm every Tuesday. A lot of people join the three-mile run so this is another chance to make new friends.

Special Dinner By Chef Allen

If you are someone who enjoys fresh meals from the farmer’s market, then you might want to try out Chef Allen’s special Monday night dinner. Chef Allen basically prepares a scrumptious plant-based meal that has a total of five courses. You will be devouring the meal with people who probably came from around the world so be prepared to hear about new cultures.

Did you know that Miami has the most People Burdened with Rent?

Free Park Boot Camps

Free Park Bootcamps

Who said you need to spend your money on a gym membership to get fit? In Miami, you can actually take boot camp classes for free. You just have to head on over to parks like the Live Like Bella Park, the North Trail Park, and the Gratigny Plateau Park and look for the locals who are teaching the the free boot camp classes.

You can go any day of the weeks because there are free classes every day.

After an exhausting hours in the bootcamp,  you can watch the New Bad Boys For Life Movie and have some quality time with your loved ones.

Comedy Shows

Comedy Shows

It is already a given that many people party around Miami at night. In case you wanted to try something different, then you might want to spend your night laughing out loud at a comedy show. There are comedy shows in 305 Brews every Monday of the week. You can also head to the Concrete Beach Brewery and witness the comedy how they have every last Tuesday of the month.

Every first Sunday of any month, there is a nice comedy show at the Yo Space and Gallery. Have you heard the newly added judge to the List of Youngest Lifetime Judges in the US.

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