A Miami Lawyer Makes History By Joining The List of Youngest Lifetime Judges in the United States

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In April 2019, a new addition was added to the United States’ roster of lifetime judges. Lifetime judges are often people who are quite old already. This guy who was just added to the roster is making history because he is considered to be among the youngest lifetime judges ever.

The new district judge we are talking about is a guy named Roy Altman. Altman is a 36-year-old lawyer from Miami who most recently worked a partner at the firm called Podhurst Orseck. Despite his career taking off in Miami, Altmas is known for originally being born in Venezuela.


As a lawyer, Altman specialized in aviation law. He basically handles cases involving plane crashes. An example is the Malaysian Airlines flight back in 2014 that just disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean. If you have a job like Altman’s which may require you to store very important files on your phone or computer, in the case you need a professional hard drive data recovery near Miami.

Altman Professional Background

Roy Altman

Altman first graduated from Columbia University back in 2004. During his time in Columbia, he was heavily involved in sports. He was part of the baseball team and he was also a quarterback for the college’s football team. Altman later went to the Yale Law School and this is where he was able to get his Juris Doctor degree.

Altman’s legal career started when he was hired to be Judge Stanley Marcus’ law clerk. He later worked as the Southern District of Florida’s Assistant United States Attorney. During this time, Altman got to work on numerous criminal cases.

Back in February 2018, people were already talking about how Altman could be nominated to become a judge. Things became clearer in April 2018 after United States President, Donald Trump, made an announcement wherein he said that he really plans to nominate Altman to become the new district judge of Florida’s Southern District. The Senate received an official nomination in May 2018.

Roy Altman Young Lawyer

Altman was basically nominated to replace Judge Joan A Lenard who went into senior status back in July 2017. The Senate Judiciary Committee had a hearing about Altman’s nomination in  June 2018 but a month later, a 17-4 vote caused to become out of committee.

President Trump really had a strong desire for Altman to become a judge because fast forward to January 2019, he renominated Altman. A 66-33 vote was finally reached in April 2019 and Altman finally got the approval he needed to become a district judge. Altman is just now waiting for the date he can officially assume office already.

Altman being a young lifetime judge will definitely inspire a lot of people to pursue their dreams no matter how much setbacks and obstacles they encounter. Investing in your education and studying hard really goes a long way. We wonder if we will be able to see an even younger judge in the future. Why not, right?

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