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What comes to mind if you’re thinking about starting a family? Probably safety, job security, and quality education comes to mind. When you were young, this had no bearing on your decisions. Now, grown-up and mature with a husband or wife, it’s time to take that crucial step and find the best place to begin your new journey in life. If you’re not considering Florida, here are reasons you might have missed out.

There’s so much underlying potential in Florida. It is one of the six states running the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) with a highly populated state. In simple terms, this is the state to be in if you want to position for growth in terms of knowledge, skills, and opportunities.

Senator Jeff Brandes, Florida State representative, is in the works to legislate a law considering Uber and Lyft for patients set for a doctor’s appointment. There is an underlying tech boom that seems to go on an uptrend with its recent cannabis boom and use of innovation and research through University Mall along Fowler Avenue. With this growing industry, having a cybersecurity, data recovery in Florida specialization, industrial engineers, and tech-related backgrounds may find employment in key cities in Florida.

Family In Florida


This city’s current population is about 17,000 with about 23 percent of that population with kids. If you’re looking for a more downplayed life with your family without sacrificing ‘civilization’, Maitland have the best of both worlds. However, the average home value in this city is around $300,000—almost $200,000 pricier than the state’s national home value. With Disney World just off North in Orlando and owned houses almost equivalent to those who are renting, this may justify the cause for its valuation. Living the ‘A Community for Life’ motto, Maitland is home to top schools such a University of Phoenix (Orlando) and Everglades University. There are higher job opportunities in management, science, arts, business, service, and sales and office.


With a population of about 29,000, Parkland have high percentage of households with kids. This city is a suitable place to live if you have a baby on the way or planning to get pregnant. Crime is relatively low and with much safer environment compared to other states. There are also quality schools in this city such as Broward College. On average, wage earners get about $131,525 which is almost three times higher than the national rate.


It’s one of the highly populated cities in Florida with around 68,176 people. With its motto ‘A Community of Neighborhoods for Families’, it is living to that standard with its total population composed of 33.8 percent household with kids. Expect a diverse community in this city with Hispanic, White, and African American backgrounds. STEM graduates may find prolific jobs in Kissimmee.

The prospect of moving in may not be far from your mind after reading this. Florida has a lot to offer aside from security and job stability such as scenic spots, entertainment (who can forget Disney World?), lots of sun, and tourists!

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