Four Newest Shops That Will Open In The Aventura Mall In 2019!

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The Aventura Mall is one of the go-to places in Aventura, Florida because of the wide range of things you can do here. From buying new clothes to eating out to finding a tech store that will help you with your laptop’s data recovery in Aventura, the Aventura Mall has a shop for all your needs. Learn more here.

Near Aventura Mall are the Best Hotels to stay in Aventura. The mall is actually making room for some newcomers because a total of four new shops are set to open in 2019. We are here to tell you everything you need to know about them!

Technology Shop


CAMILLA is a popular fashion label from Australia which is known for its bohemian style. Camilla Franks is the artist and designer who founded the label more than a decade ago in Sydney. Franks loves traveling and it is during her travels that she gets inspired to design new pieces for her collections. 

All her pieces are hand-crafted and the crystals you see on some garments were placed by hand. CAMILLA does not only sell women’s clothes for they also sell clothes for men and children.

They even have a home collection as well. CAMILLA’s shop in the Aventura Mall will be in the Nordstrom Wing’s lower level and it will be open to the public by April. This is one of the only two CAMILLA stores in the United States. If you are looking for more, check this out to Maximize your stay in Aventura.


Messika Aventura

If you are one who loves shopping for jewelry, then this will be good news because MESSIKA will be opening a shop in the Aventura Mall sometime during the summer. Valérie Messika is the woman who founded the jewelry brand back in the mid-2000s. 

Messika aims to sell jewelry that is simple and sophisticated while still maintaining this whole sexy vibe. Messika really knows so much about jewelry because her father, Andre Messika, was a popular and successful diamond merchant. You will find MESSIKA beside David Youman in the lower level of the Aventura Mall.


Vince Clothing Aventura

Another cool shop that will be open by April is the luxury clothing store called Vince. Vince is known for their clothes that have an effortless and warm vibe. Aside from clothes for men and women, they also sell shoes and handbags. They also have books, home decorations, blankets, and pillows. Vince will be opening in the Nordstrom Wing’s lower level.


A store that is already open as we speak is PAIGE. PAIGE is a top contender in the denim industry which was founded by a woman named Paige Adams-Geller. Adams-Geller was a former model who eventually shifted her focus to becoming a designer. Her brand has been around since 2005 and it is actually the only luxury denim brand that was founded by a woman.

You can expect to buy so many modern and trendy pieces when you visit the store. The PAIGE branch in the Aventura Mall is the only Florida branch the store will have. It is located right beside Zara in the lower level of the mall.

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Paige Aventura
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