Top Ivy League Schools in Washington, D.C.

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Looking for the best school to go to? Well here’s the perfect guide for you! Here are the top schools in Washington D.C. you should definitely consider going to!

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Georgetown University

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is located in Washington, District of Columbia. It is a private Catholic and Jesuit research university, which apparently is the first for America to have.

The school was established back in 1789, founded by the first Catholic bishop appointed in America, John Carroll.

Georgetown University is a leader in higher education, offering world-class learning experiences to their beloved students. They educate in line with the Jesuit tradition exposing the students to different faiths, cultures, and beliefs. These make them grow in their totality as a person as well.

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American University

Located at the northwest quadrant of Washington, D.C., this private 4-year school was founded in 1893. All the while maintaining their affiliation with the Methodist church. American University handles 2 separate campuses with each focusing on different purposes.

American University offers a broad range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate Degrees. Also, this school is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

American University currently holds the 2nd rank on college consensus amounting to 67.4 based on a 2018 study.

George Washington University

George Washington University

This school is a private research institution just four blocks from the White House. George Washington University handles 3 separate campuses, the Foggy Bottom Campus, the Mount Vernon Campus, and the Virginia Science and Technology Campus.

Apparently, they have been recognized multiple times as the #1 provider of Peace Corps Volunteers.

George Washington University is also accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education since 1922.

The school offers a wide variety of both undergraduate and graduate programs comprising also of various schools and colleges. George Washington University currently holds the 3rd rank on college consensus amounting to 64 based on a 2018 study.

Howard University

Adjacent to the McMillan Reservoir, this private 4-year school was founded in 1867, named in honor of General Oliver Otis Howard, a civil war general. Also accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, Howard University offers over 65 fields of study.

The school is noted for the following fields: Healthcare, Theology, Art & Design, Music and Theater while the largest among them are of Communications and Business.

Howard University currently holds the 4th rank on college consensus amounting to 61.6 based on a 2018 study.

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Catholic University of America

Catholic University Of America

This private institution is apparently the largest campus in the District of Columbia. Catholic University of America serves as the only national university of the Catholic church founded by the United States bishops.

Accredited as well by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, this school offers over 200 programs.

The Catholic University of America currently holds the 5th rank on college consensus amounting to 60.3 based on a 2018 study. Historic Festivals made Washington what it is today.

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