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The best hard drive recovery in Washington DC. TTR Data Recovery services: SSD data recovery, RAID data recovery and HDD data recovery. Emergency recovery available 24/7!

Hard Drive Recovery Washington, DC Service Office!

Hard drive data recovery is a competitive market. So why go with us?

We provide top-shelf hard drive data recovery in the District of Columbia! When it comes to versatility, efficiency, and customer service we are the best in the business.

Our technicians are highly-skilled and geared with a wide array of hard drive data recovery strategies. This is why in spite of the rising numbers of players we still stand out. Simply because we work harder to get the job done! 

  • (202)-652-4959
  • Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Local Hard Drive Data Recovery Lab in D.C
  • 700 12th St NW Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005

The D.C Community Looks To Us For Premium Hard Drive Data Recovery Service!

Hard Drive Data Recovery Specialists Always Ready To Handle You Case!

Using expert hard drive data recovery tools we are able to recover lost data from a wide range of media devices. You’re never gonna have to panic at lost data again! Check out our service area for more!

Washington DC Talk To Us For Data Recovery Of Any These Devices!


Unexpected mechanical failures are common in hard disk drives. For that, you will need a skilled data specialist in Washington to diagnose the issue. Call us  +1-202-652-4959


A failed RAID array server can cause thousands of dollars in potential losses. Contact us to get a specialist to diagnose the problem right away.


Servers are the under appreciated lifeblood of any modern business. Lost data can cause your business to lose profits fast! Don’t let this happen!


SSD’s are as vulnerable to corruption and failure as any HDD and will require a specialist technician to diagnose and recover lost data.


We often carry flash-drives around in our pockets, so they can be susceptible to physical damage. Get all your important files back with TTR Data Recovery!


Nothing worse than losing precious memories on old tapes! We make sure that your history lives on in a more reliable digital form.

Data Recovery Services: Premium Services

  • Apple Mac Data Recovery
  • Database Data Recovery
  • VMware Data Recovery
  • Mobile Data Recovery
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • NAS/SAN Data Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery
  • Desktop Data Recovery

Data Recovery Washington: Most Trusted Hard Drive Data Recovery Leader

Proof of our certifications is that we operate with high success rate. 

ISO 9001:2008

A badge showing our team have met international standards for hard drive data recovery proficiency. We’ve exceeded the standards for quality control, and business security & privacy.


Our hard drive data recovery practices will keep your company compliant with regulations. Working with us, you can be sure everything you’re doing is legal and ethical.


All of our Washington D.C. hard drive data recovery offices hold the IACRB certificate. TTR Data Recovery is one of the selected companies to be awarded one.


We hold a General Service Administration contract. This gives us permission to offer hard drive recovery services to agencies both private and local.


Our skilled technicians put to use their vast experience to innovate and attack the issue from different angles. This is to ensure that we get the job well and done.


We work in accordance with the ISO 5 Certified Cleanroom Standards. A Steril laboratory is crucial to prevent compromising the data we’re trying to retrieve.

Washing Data Recovery Extended Certifications

Our hard drive & SDD data recovery service goes up and beyond making sure our clients in Washington DC gets the top service they deserve. We’ve also acquired other certifications and verifications making sure our data recovery professionals stays on top of the game:
  • Apple Certified Data Recovery Technicians
  • BBB Accredited With A+ Rating!
  • Hard Drive Recovery Experts Trusted By Nasa!
  • Data Recovery in Washington With PCI Standards

Hard Drive Data Recovery & Our Quick 4 Step Process For Washington DC Clients!

Free Diagnostic Process

Submit a hard drive data recovery case via our website and we’ll send over instructions to your email address. Drop your media to one of our service centres to have your data recovered same-day, or simply post to the hard device to us.

Data Retrieval Process

Leave hard drive data retrieval to the professionals. We utilise expert tools and techniques to ensure your data is recovered effectively.

Verify Data Process

When your data is recovered we encourage you to verify that your desired files are present before we finish up.

Return Data Process

We show you the results of our successful recovery. Then, you confirm your satisfaction with the procedure. Lastly, we process your payment and deliver your lost data.

We Get It Done Before You Pay!

Before you think about paying, we make sure to recover your data back where it belongs. Once you’re assured that the data has been saved, payment is then processed.

We Perform The Assessment Free Of Charge

Before we get started, our specialists diagnose the situation and give you a rundown of exactly what’s going to be done, so you know exactly what your money is going toward

We Hate Surprise Fees

We’re passionate believers in making DC hard drive data recovery simple and easy. That’s why we outline every cost involved before starting.

We Work Fast!

Expect fast results! Lost data can cause a lot of emotional distress. Call our experts at +1-202-652-4959We work 24/7 to ensure your data is back in your hands ASAP.

Helpful & Supportive Data Specialists

Our team are not only highly trained to recover your lost data, but they’ll also be there to walk you through every step of the process to make sure you understand what’s going on.

  • Washington DC Data Recovery: Verify Recovered Data Before Paying.
  • Failed Data Recovery Attempts Won't Be Charged!
  • Free Hard Disk Consultation & Evaluation.
  • Our Data Recovery Services Do Not Require Upfront Fees!
  • No Binding Data Recovery Contract!
Https://ttrdatarecovery.com/locations/district Of Columbia/washington/ Helpful

Data Recovery Clients in Washington DC Feedback Of Our Service

We’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients and we make sure to always leave them with a smile on their face. Let’s take a look at some testimonials from a few of our previous customers.

Our nation’s capital deserves the best possible RAID & SSD data recovery service available! And here at TTR Data Recovery In Washington D.C., we provide exactly that.

More and more people are relying on electronic data storage to facilitate their daily life. That said, efficient hard drive data recovery has never been more important. If you find yourself on the wrong end of a data corruption attack in D.C., you should call our experts! 

Hard Drive Data Recovery in Washington, DC Service Provider!

Hard drive and SSD drive failure can happen to anybody at any time. The worst possible thing you can do is attempt to recover the data yourself.

These symptoms should get you a term warning that you’re about to lose your data. Talk to our data recovery experts at +1-202-652-4959 for immediate assistance:

  • Signs of burning electronic components like smell of solder smoke. 
  • Power surge due to outage.
  • Unusual noise like whirring, click, grinding of the hard disk drive. 
  • Bad sector & corruption issues of your data. 
  • hard disk drive error in BIOS like incorrect drive listing.
  • Sudden loss of data files in folders.
  • Extremely slow system operation.
  • Failures during RAID rebuilds
Data Recovery Washington DC Service Provider Washington | TTR Data Recovery


You don’t have to lose your data forever. Learn more about our data recovery services today!

We have successfully recovered data for thousands of customers, including personal, enterprise and government agencies. Drop into any of our offices or submit a hard drive data recovery case online to recover your data today.





Data Recovery Specialized Service: RAID & Server Data Recovery For Washington.

It’s never easy to work with a corrupted RAID array; things can go haywire at just about any moment. To make matters worse, an untrained person tampering with the corrupted RAID array is likely to make matters worse!This isn’t something to try and ‘figure out’ yourself, if you have a corrupted RAID array, you need to email our data recovery pros ASAP: support@ttrdatarecovery.com!

Washington D.C. Hard Drive Data Recovery Team Works With A Wide Range Of Clients


Whether you’ve lost financial records or a precious photo collection, we can help. Email us at support@ttrdatarecovery.com


Lost client information, confidential documents & other forms of lost data can be detrimental for any small business.


Big enterprises come to us for their DC hard drive data recovery needs. Don’t let data corruption affect your business!


Our tech guys are trained to work professionally with government agencies to recover sensitive data with the utmost confidentiality

Hard drive recovery in Washington DC is what we do best. For the locals in Washington DC we maintain high-level of Enterprize services like RAID recovery services. TTR Data recovery is fully committed to bring our A game in every case we handle.

We are located in downtown Washington, DC, just steps away from Chinatown and can be easily accessed via Gallery Place Chinatown metro station and Macy’s Metro Center station. We lead the nation in innovative data recovery techniques; we can solve issues that leave out competitors stumped.

Data Recovery Washington DC Building Washington | TTR Data Recovery
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