5 Very Unique Things You Didn't Know About Colombia

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By Linda J

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A Glimpse of District of Colombia

Planning a trip to Colombia might just be one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. Only because there are just so much incredible and heart-filling things to do when you’re in Colombia.

Most of the people who visit Colombia for a week, end up wishing they stayed there for a month just because there is unlimited possibilities to explore in Colombia.

You can visit Cartagena, Guatape, Taganga, Santa Marta, Medellin, Popayan and San Agustin – and every destination offers different kinds of activities for their visitors.

Are you a caffeine lover? You should try Colombian Coffee, it is inarguably the most famous, richest, and most delicious kind of coffee there is.

A Few Tips When Visiting Colombia

Columbia Unique Things

Pack light, and dress lighter. Colombia’s climate is very warm as for it is relatively near the equator and enjoys a very warm climate. So take off the layers and enjoy the sunny cities of Colombia. A cute sun dress for the ladies, or a tank and shorts for the men would be nothing less than perfect.

Make sure to take photos and videos, take documentations of the best memories you’ll make in Colombia. There are a lot of picturesque spots and hot tourist destinations that you would absolutely need to capture on camera – memories that you do not want to lose.

So make sure that you are backed with a great data recovery plan so that you would not lose any of your precious memories.

You probably seen one of Sofia Delgara’s movie/show. She is a Proud Columbiana, born in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Unique Things Colombia Has To Offer

Second City Of Dc | TTR Data Recovery
  • Make sure to visit Colombia’s Second City just because of its very unique history. It was listed once in history as the murder capital of the world. Pretty scary, huh? But since 1991 where it tallied 17 murders a day on average, it has undergone a rebirth. Now, Medellin is one of Colombia’s main cultural hubs where in you can experience Colombia at it’s finest.
  • If you are a nature freak, then Colombia is one natural haven that you absolutely must visit. Colombia is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, ranking second, in fact. They are right behind Brazil which we should take into consideration that Brazil is 10 times the size of Colombia. Colombia is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse regions in the world. So if you want to see flora, fauna, and different kinds of worldly forms, then Colombia is the place for you.

El Dorado was one of the famous myths of Columbia. It is based on the lust for gold, riches, capturing all eras, nationalities, and races.

District Of Columbia Bicycle Area
  • If you’re a cycling junkie, then Colombia would also have an area for you to enjoy. Bogota is equipped with the largest network of bicycle routes in South America. Offering a 300km stretch from slum areas right to the suburbs extending to the centers of the city. So if you want to enjoy Colombia through your bike, this is the place to go to.
  • Colombia is located right on the equator, so it gets pretty hot during the summer seasons. But fret not, Colombia is the only country in South America that has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. So if you need to take a dip to cool off the heat, there are a lot of beautiful seas waiting for you.
  • When it’s World Cup Season, they have what they call a Dry Season! Where you won’t find alcohol for sale, so you can enjoy the games without having to deal with unwanted public violence.

Planning to visit Columbia anytime soon? Here are the Top 3 Things to do when in Columbia, so you never get bored.

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