Top 3 Things To Do When You're In Colombia

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When planning your vacation, you want to make sure that the place you’re going to is full of fun activities that are also very diverse. If you want a place where you can enjoy the beach and take long walks by the coastline; or if you want a destination that has extremely rich culture and amazing food – then Colombia should probably be your next vacation destination.

Colombia sits right on the equator, meaning that rain would be the least of your problems. So get ready to pull out your sombreros and your sunglasses while you bask in the sunshine of Colombia.

If you are a coffee lover, then you should love the best taste coming from Colombian Coffee.

When In Colombia

A warm, and sunny climate is sure to heighten up those endorphins and you’re sure to get most of the day done outside, and you’re already ready to rest by the time it reaches the late afternoon. This is because you would never run out of things to do when you’re in Colombia.

When touring around Colombia, make sure to take a lot of photos and videos so that you can share them to your family and friends. There are a lot of picture perfect scenes in Colombia which is sure to rake up your likes on your social media platforms. Better be safe than sorry! So make sure to have a hard drive recovery service plan beforehand so you don’t ever lose your precious, and fun memories in Colombia.

Did you know that the famous actress Sofia Vergara is a Proud Colombiana? She  got her biggest exposure on the Mexican telenovela entitled “Acapulco, Cuerpo Y Alma” way back in 1995.

Here are some things that you absolutely need to do when visiting Colombia:

1. Saddle Up!

Saddle Up

Cafetal de La Trinidad is best known for their horse-riding activity, but get a hold of this – it also holds a rich history on how it came to be.

It was once a coffee-plantation ran by a family, but it was abandoned because of guerillas which made it too dangerous to reside in. In the recent years, one of the youngest members of the family returned to the lands and restored the farms. Now it’s open to visitors and they offer tours on very scenic and relaxing views.

Everyone wants to get rich or find a hidden treasure beneath the ground for an easy money. This sums up like the Tale of El Dorado.

2. Take a Deep Dip in the Seas of Cartagena

Seas Of Cartagena

The area of Cartagena is known to be a very colorful city, but they are more popular for having a rich underwater ecosystem. In Cartagena, they have the Rosario Islands which have a total of 43 tropical islands which has underwater museums, shipwrecks and the whole entirety of the Caribbean Sea Stretch that you can enjoy.

Paraiso Dive in Tierra Bomba Island offers diving lessons to those who want to explore the deeps of Colombia. It’s a short ship ride away from Cartagena which isn’t that far to reach.

3. Dance Your Heart Out – Salsa Style!

Salsa Style

Your visit to Colombia won’t be complete without a Latin Dance Night! Cali, Colombia is the Capital of Salsa, where you don’t even need to wait until nightfall to see the salsa filled streets. Dancers come occupying the streets as early as the afternoon strikes.

Although Salsa was made by the Cuban community of New York, once it hit Colombia – they took their own flavor for it and they dominated the style.

Did you know that Colombia is one of the world’s most biodiverse regions, ranking second? It is one of the 5 Very Unique Things you probably didn’t know about Colombia.

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