The Myth of El Dorado: A Colombian Tale

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The Tail Of El Dorado

Colombia is very rich in culture and history. This makes the country very rich in mythology, and other historical tales. One of which is the popular legend of El Dorado. There are a lot of very convincing evidence that El Dorado indeed existed one moment in time.

Even though it has yet to be proven to be evidently supported to be a real life fact, it is still amazing to believe that the city once existed.

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The Tale Of El Dorado

The Tale Of El Dorado Map

El Dorado is one of the world’s most popular folklores, just like the City of Atlantis. This story is based on the lust for gold, riches, capturing all eras, nationalities, and races. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, there was word that got around that there was a city in the New World that had unlimited wealth and an immense source of Gold – El Dorado.

Their lust for the gold and riches of the city led to countless ventures, millions of lives involved, and an immense amount of money as well. What made the search hard was because El Dorado seemed to be moving from place to place, until searchers eventually got tired of them and it was just coined as a source of untold riches.

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The Metaphors of El Dorado

The term El Dorado sometimes was also used to represent an ultimate prize or reward, somewhat like a Holy Grail. It is also used to refer to Nirvana, or something that one might seek throughout his or her whole life. It could be representative of other things other than gold like love, happiness, heaven, success, or the concept of heaven.

In Edgar Allan Poe’s poem entitled “El Dorado”, he bears another interpretation of the term using it to represent the fountain of youth and the Shangri-la.

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Movie Adaptation of El Dorado

The Road To El Dorado

The famous legend got so popular that it had to have a movie adaptation. Disney took the legend and interpreted it into a 2000 American Animated Adventure Movie Musical. The movie was produced by DreamWorks Animation entitled “The Road To El Dorado.” The movie worked under a $95 million budget produced by Brook Breton and Bonne Radford. The movie was directed by Eric Bergeron and Don Paul.

The movie plot involved two con-men named Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh. They were able to acquire a map to the lost city of gold, El Dorado, straight out of the Colombian Tale. They proceed as stow aways on one of the ships of the Great Spanish Explorer: Cortez. The pairing of Kevin and Kenneth are able to escape the clutches of Cortez, and they do eventually find the city.

Although the movie is based on a myth, the events in the movie do feel like real life themselves. The interpretation of Disney of the old Colombian / Spanish Tale is spot-on, as expected of them.

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