Why You Need To Try Colombian Coffee

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Columbian Coffee

This isn’t a surprising fact because of all the characteristics and the benefits of coffee. First of all, contains a lot of anti-oxidants which means that coffee can really cleanse your body of toxins.

Next, what makes coffee “coffee” it contains caffeine. Caffeine is a substance that drives you awake and gives you that extra boost of energy. Which is why coffee is so addictive!

Are you  from Columbia? Do you know every little details about the State? Maybe you missed these 5 Very Unique Things About Columbia.

There are a lot of different mixes and blends of coffee and you should find the blend that suits your taste and the mix that caters to the kind of pump that you need. If you really want to get into it, you should research on the different kinds of coffee beans and different mixes.

You should compare these data so that you can compare and contrast the blends. Your heavy research would also require protection; you wouldn’t want to lose your hard work. So better back that data up with a dependable hard drive data recovery service provider to protect your data.

Have you watched the movie “The Smurfs”? One of the actress was Sofia Vergara a Proud Columbiana.

Colombian Coffee: The Best There Is

Columbian Coffee Originial

Colombian Coffee is inarguably the most famous, richest, and most delicious kind of coffee there is. Colombia belongs to the Coffee-Bean Growing Belt which includes the regions of the world that produce the coffee supply of the world. What makes Colombian coffee so unique from other places growing coffee is that they have coffee beans that can cater to any kind of taste; may it be ranging from flavors of bitter and sweet.

This variation of taste is also because of the regional and geographical differences of the production places for coffee. For regions of Colombia in the North like Santander, Norte de Santander, and others produce coffee with lower acidity and a fuller body.

For more central regions of Colombia like Cundinamarca, Antioquia, and Tolima which are able to harvest coffee all year round. The Coffee that grows in the more southern parts of Colombia, they have a higher acidity and they are very distinctively sweeter than any other coffee from Colombia.

Growing up in the United States, you probably already heard the stories about El Dorado. It is a Columbian Tale as famous as the myth City of Atlantis.

Colombian Coffee: A Big Player In Coffee Production and Export

Columbian Coffee Export

Colombia is the ideal geographical location for producing coffee because of their elevation (1,200-1800 meters) and their warm climate. Colombia belongs to the Pacific Ring Of Fire, meaning that they have a lot of volcanoes equal to a lot of volcanic soil. Coffee grows best in volcanic soil and there are places that are free of frost but still receive a hefty amount of rainfall.

Colombia is the 3rd top exporter of coffee in the whole world. They rank right after Brazil and Vietnam. Colombia exports about 11,000,000 bags of coffee annually.

If you’re planning to pay a visit to Columbia, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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