Washington D.C. Food Trucks: A Must-Find

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A place is defined by the food it serves and the heart of the city in is in its street food. Food will reflect a lot of the city’s characteristics. For Washington D.C., food reflects the soul and the vibrancy of the city.

At the rise of modernization, a lot of people have reinvented how they served food. It is quite costly to put up your own brick and mortar restaurant for a start-up. Which is why people have moved on to selling their delicious food via Food Trucks.

If you’re an instagram user, you probably already encounterd one of these Washington-based instagram accounts.

The food truck industry in Washington D.C. is one of the richest food truck homes in the country. They serve a lot of very hearty grub that is sure to make your body melt. These food trucks are flocked by locals and tourists alike and have earned their high reputation in the foodservice industry.

A lot of these food truck owners rely on a digital inventory system to make the transactions seamless and quick. And, more often than not, they encounter difficulties in their system and they lose their data. Most of them are already connected with a hard drive data recovery service in DC.

Here are some food trucks you must absolutely visit when in Washington.

Dogs On The Curb

Dogs On The Curb

Just like the name suggests, they’re literally “dogs on the curb”. This food truck serves hotdogs in a whole new light. You would see fantastic combinations of different meats, veggies, and sauces all served with your favorite sausage. You have various options when picking your hotdogs, and it comes with different kicks of flavor too.

Some of the crowd favorites are the Colossal Chili Dog, the Buffalo dog, Jalapeno Corn Dog, and the Jamaican Jerk Dog. Surely, all the food they serve is worth sniffing out so make sure to give them a visit when you’re in D.C.

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Holy Crepe!

Holy Crepe

Holy Crepe! is one of the longest-running food truck businesses in the city. They have been roaming the streets for about 5 years now and have earned the spot of being one of the top caterers in the concrete jungle. They are most known for the variety of crepes that they serve.

They have selections from the sweetest end of the flavor spectrum to the most savory, and even serving vegetarian-friendly crepes. They serve crepes most deserving of your exclamation! Pun intended.

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Westray’s Finest Ice Cream

Westrays Finest Ice Cream

Craving for something sweet? Then immediately find the bells of Westray’s Finest Ice Cream. They’re usually parked around Edgewood, so if you’re in the area make sure to grab a sweet and cold bite from Westray’s. You should expect bursts of amazing flavor from the 2-year old food truck.

Their top-sellers are their affogato and their regular portion ice creams in all flavors! They also do corporate events and gatherings so if you want them to serve their desserts and delights in your next party, then just give them a call and they’ll be scooping and serving your guests!

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