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Social media has been one of the biggest platforms where we share art, insight, and just anything you want to say. It has also been a platform used by businesses. Social media is now the fastest form of spreading news, media, art, and other forms of expression.

Washington D.C. has always been a place of art and it is one of the biggest melting pots of culture. This results to a community that thrives off of new blood and new lines of art.It is very important for artists to document their work so that they are able to distribute it to their audiences.

But, sometimes tragedies happen and these artists lose their data. When this happens, it is important to connect with a reliable data recovery expert (Talk to one today!)  to get your data back.

If you ever get hungy, there’s a plenty of Good Restaurants in D.C. to choose from.

Instagram: A Platform for Artists

Instagram Platform Artist

Do you know the case of Freed-Ingresol vs Arlene’s Flowers? It was all about when the floral company figured out that it was a same-sex couple that was going to be wed, Arlene’s Flowers purposely denied them of the service.

Instagram is the biggest platform where artists can share their photos and videos fast. It is one of the fastest ways to get your art and your content out to the world. With the right use of hashtags paired with high quality content, you are sure to get the attention you deserve. Opening up a lot of opportunities for the artists.

Here are a few artists from Washington D.C., who are absolutely killing the Instagram game right now.


If you are a tourist that is looking for the most important things to do in Washington, then this is the Instagram for you to follow. They take tourism to a whole new curated level. They also have frequent giveaways for their followers.

Even locals follow this account to stay updated with the latest things to do in DC.

There are multiple Food Trucks in D.C. that offers good food. Here are some of them for you to find.


Black And White Photography

If you’re into photography, specifically with black and white photography, then this is definitely the account to follow. The handler of the account captures the different landscapes of DC and puts them in a different light.

It is very curated and each photo holds the rich culture of the city. You’ll definitely fall more in love with the city when you see how the photographer treats the scenes.


This is one of the most popular accounts that is based in DC right now. They hold a concept that is very unique and is also very interesting.

What’s interesting about the Instagram account is that every day, a different Washington local handles the account. Thus, we the people.

This way, you are able to see DC through different eyes, different places, different emotions. You can expect the most unexpected content from this, and get ready to discover hidden gems in DC through this platform.


Dc Dining | TTR Data Recovery

Washington is a place that is full of food choices that are sure to fill your stomach and satisfy your soul. For the quickest guide around DC’s food joints, follow this account. They go from the most high class restaurants to food trucks to hole in the walls.

They feature food that are sure to make your palettes wet and make you drool over your phone. They give ratings as well so you should know what to expect.

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