A Washington D.C. Case: Freed-Ingersol vs Arlene's Flowers

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We are at an age of equality, inclusion, and progress. We are way past the prime of discrimination, racism, sexism, and abuse. There have been thousands and thousands of people before our generation that has fought for equal rights and have made the foundation for where we stand on today.

Washington D.C. has always been a community and a place where equality thrives and people do their best to include everyone in the society. But, there are times here people regress and trample on the minorities.

The Washington Court has always been for justice and equality. Which is why the mainly preside on cases which deal with these kinds of issues. Moreover, they also deal with a lot of data that run their system. In case of emergencies, they make sure to avail the services of a local data retrieval pro near DC company to help them get on their way.

Recently, the top court of Washington D.C. presided on a case where a gay couple has been mistreated and refused of service that they willing to fully pay for.

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Same-Sex Marriage in Washington D.C.

Same Sex Marriage In Dc | TTR Data Recovery

Same-sex marriage has been a taboo concept that has garnered a lot of discussion over the past century. Washington has been one of the pioneer states in the USA to legalize same-sex marriage.

The movement started back in February of 2012 when Governor Christine Gregorie signed and officiated the legislation the fully legalized same-sex marriage for couples in the state of Washington. It was in full swing in December of 2012.

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The Case of Freed and Ingersol vs Arlene’s Flowers

Case Of Freed & Arlene

Curt Freed and Robert Ingersol are a same-sex couple who have been planning their wedding ceremony to declare their love for each other. A wedding that is full of love, freedom, and acceptance. But, Arlene’s Flowers, a florist company, disagreed on their concept of love and marriage.

The couple inquired for the service of Arlene’s Flowers to help them aid the wedding with their floral services. A service which the couple was willing to pay for in full. First, the floral company actually entertained the couple not knowing of the progressive background of the wedding ceremony.

When the floral company figured out that it was a same-sex couple that was going to be wed, Arlene’s Flowers purposely denied them of the service. They took it upon themselves to declare that their Christian views were against the love of Freed and Ingersol.

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The Decision of the Washington Court

Decision Of Washington Court

The decision of the court fully swung for the side of Freed and Ingersol. In no way were they to allow hate and discrimination to thrive in their proud city.  According to the high court of Washington, Arlene’s Flowers violated the anti-discrimination law by denying their service to the couple for their marriage.

The attorney that backed Arlene’s Flowers, Strutzman, still fully believes that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. But, Strutzman was frequently overturned by the court of Washington.

Today, Washington is still one of the places which serve as a haven of equality and acceptance.

There is a place in Washington D.C. that people from all gender comes to celebrate respect, equality, love and acceptance from the society.

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