Wildfire Protection In California

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Wildfire In California

In the sunny state of California consists of vast, thick forests making fire spread so easily; thus, burning large parts of them in such a small amount of time. Now, California, having almost 40 million residents, it proves to be the most populous state in the U.S., also is the largest in area. That’s a lot of space and inhabitants!

Wildfire activity a concern for all. Directly affected, or not, the wildfire workload concerns everyone. This means, the shared resources and services, both regional and national scale.

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The Record - Breaking Woolsey Fire

Woolsey Fire California

It’s been only very recently that a record breaking wildfire emerged, threatening thousands the lives of many residents and tourists, not to mention, the whole world.

Last November of 2018, a statewide wildfire has taken 42 lives, incinerated more than 6,400 homes and 7,177 buildings, displaced 150,000, and deployed 8,000 fire crews. In the 4-day duration of the fire, there was a total of a hundred eighty-three (183) square miles of burnt area and the containment was up to 30 percent.

This deadly phenomenon has largely impacted the whole world. It was a global alarm, a great reminder, a grand call for action.

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In the Break of a Disaster

Our knowledge of disasters, especially in the ease of access of many information today, is not far from nothing at all. Awareness for various occurrences are provided in both the most random and smartly placed, subtle spots. But in the break of a disaster, it is very possible for any person to lose whatever they have with them.

With that said, should you lose your belongings, it is important that you are connected with a local hard drive data recovery service in California to recover any of your lost data. But you know what they say, “Prevention is always better than solution.”.

So let’s do our best to do our part in preventing another deadly wildfire.

California Wildlife Protection

California Wildfire Protection

And although forest fires happen in many more parts in the world, the State of California has already quite a number of administrations and community groups involved in protecting their lands and the people who inhabit them to avoid and counter this dreaded occurrence.

Proper planning and awareness projects are done for a well-working protection plan. This way, if the state’s forests stay protected, so are the lives of many who inhabit it, and even around it.

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The Power of the Youth

Power Of The Youth

In all of the world, the youth are seen as the future handlers of this one home we have. That said, they play a very important role in reducing the risk of disasters such as a wildfire. Educating them at this age will significantly impact such risk. 

They will greatly promote community resilience as well. Their participation in disaster education programs, whatever they learn, they shall then carry over to their homes, to their families and friends and thus, in turn, disseminating knowledge to the community.

This early education will result to properly trained citizens, both the youth and the adults. So instead of a panic outbreak, people will break into groups systematically working together to solve another deadly disaster, and prior to that, prevention will give them the security they need.

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