Top Hip-Hop Dance Crews In California

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Hip Hop Culture

Hip-Hop culture and the art of Hip-Hop is already widespread and popular in all corners of the globe. Hip-hop is a worldwide phenomenon which serves not only as an art from, or a platform for creative expression. Hip-hop also serves as a way of life. The values of Hip-hop can be easily carried over to how one person lives his life.

Peace, love, unity and having fun – they are the four main thrusts of Hip-hop.

Hip-hop has a long history and has been seen by society as very different things from its birth until now. It was misunderstood as a protest, or a form of violence in its early years. 

Which was not surprising because this was a very new concept that was brought to the eyes of society. But as it developed, it has gained the love and respect that it deserved. Hip-hop has many forms. Namely: Graffiti, Emceeing, DJ-ing, Writing, and Breaking.

California offers some of the most beatiful spot, here’s why you should want to visit and give it a try .

Birth and Development of Hip-Hop

Hip Hop History

Hip-hop is very popular to the state of California. Los Angeles and the Bay Area, San Francisco, were areas where Hip-hop was very popular and prominent in its early stages.

The original Hip-hop artists were mainly from these areas of California, which made the state a very strong influence on the culture and development of Hip-hop.

Thanks to television and media and with the help of large, multinational media companies present in California. Hip-hop was easily brought into the mainstream world. With TV dance competitions like America’s Best Dance Crew, and big competitions like Hip-Hop International. The talents of Hip-hop dancers in California was easily brought to light and recognized by the world.

California has a large LGBT Community that accepts any gender orientaion you might have, so you won’t feel ashamed to show it.

Top 3 Hip-Hop Dance Crews In California



The Jabbawockees is probably one of the most popular dance crews in the whole world. These white-masked men in their uniquely Jabbawockeez Hip-hop fashion and their insane moves. They are well known for being strong trend-setters and the pioneer members of the dance crew were one of the main teachers of the Hip-Hop community.

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Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern

Kaba Modern is one of the Hip-Hop Dance Crews born in the streets of Irvine, California. Interestingly enough, this dance crew was actually made by a Filipino-American named, Arnel Calvario.

Arnel is a California local, born and raised. He’s currently residing right now in Long Beach and working as an Occupational Therapist. But right after work, he goes back into his passion and makes sure that the Hip-Hop community keeps developing.

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Chapkis Dance Crew

Chapkis Dance Crew

Chapkis Dance Crew is a dance company and studio located in the Bay Area. They are a relatively new dance family started by Ukranian-American – Greg Chapkis. Although they are young, they have been very prominent in dance competitions all around the world. They have also been guesting in a lot of music videos and television opportunities.

California is the place to be as most of the entertainments, beautiful places and friendly people are here, just don’t forget to stay away from Wildfire prone areas.

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