The Only Mobile National Historic Monument: SF Cable Cars

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San Francisco Cable Car

When touring in San Francisco, make sure to make the experience complete by riding the historical cable car system. These cable cars run on the main street and pass by all the tourist areas that you need to see when you’re in San Francisco.

Boarding and buying a ticket is easy, so make sure you make time for the cable car ride.

These cable cars are now more of a tourist’s experience than a local’s way of transport. So make sure to take photos of your cable car ride and protect these memories with a data recovery expert near you.

How The Cable Car Got Started

Remember how Newton got his first idea of the laws of nature, physics and gravity by witnessing an apple fall from a tree? Well, that’s kind of how the cable car got started as well.

Way back, more than a century ago in 1869, a man named Andrew Smith Hallidie witnessed an accident involving wet cobblestones and horse powered streetcars resulting to the death of the horses. In this event, Andrew Smith Hallidie got the idea to create a cable car system.

The very first cable car system was fully operational through Clay Street Hill Road in August of 1873. Andrew Smith Hallidie became the promoter of the cable car system and was helped by Engr. William Eppelsheimer. The very first cable car line involved the use of grips that engaged with the cables.

Sf Cable History

Hence, the term “Grip” was connected and coined with the cable car system. The Cable Car line down Clay Street Hill road became the very first fully operational cable car system in San Francisco and it started their regular service on the 1st of September in 1873.

The Clay Street Hill cable line also served as the template for the other cable car systems that will be put up in San Francisco. The Cable Car Systems became a wild and hefty success which also made Hallidie very rich and successful.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the famous tourist attraction in San Francisco, make sure you don’t miss seeing a masterpiece.

Expansion and Evolution of the Cable Cars

After the Cable Car Line running through Clay Street Hill Road, the next one to be operational was the cable car line in Sutter Street Railway which was erected in 1877. This was a slightly different version of the cable car line, and it was simply because Henry Casebolt and Asa Hovey did not want to pay the royalties of the patent to Hallidie.

The idea of Casebolt resulted into the invention of the side grip and lever operation for the Cable Car System. To which, Casebolt holds the patent as well.

Levi’s apparels came from a small beginnings with its founder Levi Strauss. Founded on 1853 on a small establishment by Sacramento Street. It is still a trend up-to-date if you ever tried one.

Advancement of the Cable Car System

Sf Cable Car

Southern Pacific Railroad became the main power player for the operations of the cable cars in San Francisco. The company operates on five different lines that all meet at one common point at Market Street. During the peak hours of the day, cable cars depart every 15 seconds from this common terminal.

Now, Muni is still undergoing more operations to upgrade the cable car system. This includes the repairs, the maintenance and the upgrades to the systems.

Do you love sweets? Ghirardelli Square is the palce to be for all your cravings, it is located at one of the tourist hotspots of San Francisco. Adjacent to the Fisherman’s Wharf and Aquarium of the Bay.

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