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Choose the data recovery service provider the Bay Area trusts! Our San Francisco data recovery services range from damaged HDD, SDD, Flash Drives and RAID Arrays. Call us for a free diagnosis today!

Our Team of Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts In San Francisco, California Is Always Ready!

Need emergency data recovery? TTR  Data Recovery can do same day diagnostic and recovery plus 24/7 customer support.

Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Pros In San Francisco, CA Is Always Ready | TTR Data Recovery Services San Franciso, California

Around 20,000 buildings were built in San Francisco, CA in 1909 to rebuild the earthquake-devastated city. It was a feat made possible because of the cooperation of city officials and locals. 

That said if data is crucial to your business operations knowing who’s the go-to hard drive recovery in San Francisco, CA. TTR Data Recovery Services have been serving the San Francisco, CA locals for years now!

Salvaging data lost in a fast and efficient manner is Our commitment. Providing unmatched TTR data recovery excellence. We have service methods and options available to suit your needs.

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Our Data Recovery Services in San Francisco, CA


We recover data whatever the cause of data loss was. Whether it’s mechanical failure, logical failure, accidental deletion, or firmware, we can fix it.


Controller & server failure, as well as RAID volume rebuild error, can render your data inaccessible. It could also suffer due to partitioning & excessive disk failures.


Server failure is not a DIY job. Should your servers fail, trust TTR  Data Recovery Services to salvage your data. No binding contract required!


Solid State drives are not safe from data corruption and data loss. And more often than not, data loss strikes without warning. But you don’t need to panic; you just have to call us for a free check-up!


Portable and user-friendly as they are, flash media devices are prone to malware attack, physical damage, and theft. If lose crucial data from your flash media, we have the technical expertise and tools to recover it.


We can help restore, reorganize, retrieve you archived data from you damaged tape drives. Wherever you are in the united states states, we have a wide reach of service area.

Fast & accurate SSD data recovery in San Francisco, CA. You don’t need to wait days for your data to be recovered. Our professional team recovers any data file within 24 hrs of receiving your hardware. This is possible because our facility is ISO 5 cleanroom certified backed by years of professional experience by our Engineers.

Our San Francisco Data Recovery 4-Step Process

Free Diagnostic Process
Free Diagnostic Process

You just need to submit a data recovery case through our online form to get things started. Once we receive your faulty storage media, we will conduct a free diagnostic. Within 24-48 hours. you should receive an email from us that will contain the results of our assessment.

Data Recovery Process
Data Recovery Process

Once you choose for us to proceed with the data recovery, we will immediately initiate the process. And to ensure a higher success rate, we conduct our data recovery in our ISOClass 100 certified cleanroom.

Verify Data Process
Verify Data Process

We will make sure that we have all your lost data recovered. So, we will send you a list of all recovered data for you to review and confirm. Do you need quick data recovery? Let us know and our emergency data recovery service technician will retrieve your data ASAP.

Return Data Process
Return Data Process

We can email the recovered data or store it in a media device. You have options to choose how you wish to receive your data files.

What Makes Our Data Recovery Services in SF so Dependable and Trusted?

While it may seem to be cheaper to recover your loss of data on your own, it’s not a wise choice. Without the proper knowledge and the proper tools, you could end up doing more damage to your already faulty device.

TTR  Data Recovery Services has been salvaging data and catering to customers all over the U.S. since 2006. We’re experts at hard drive data recovery services Bay Area locals can trust.

We are proud holders of various certifications from reputable institutions. That is why you are assured that our facilities, technicians, and procedures are up-to-date and compliant with the standards.

ISO 9001:2008

SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II

IACRB Certified Professional

GSA Contract Holder

R & D Group

ISO 5 Class 100


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Our Engineers At San Francisco Makes Perfect Data Recovery Partners!

Proven and Secure Data Recovery San Francisco, CA

Where does Silicon Valley turn when it needs a hard drive or SSD data recovery services? Smart businesses depend on the data retrieval experts that government agencies like NASA trust. 

With thousands of successful operations, Our office in San Francisco’s Financial District is your best source of rapid assistance. We specialize in recovering data from all drive types. Schedule your appointment or pickup now.

Data Recovery San Francisco Secure Hard Drive San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco Raid 5 San Francisco | Ttr Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco RAID 10 San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco RAID 0 San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco RAID 1 San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery Services in San Francisco, CA!

It only takes one lone user error or misguided rebuild attempt to condemn your RAID or NAS data to everlasting oblivion. On the other hand, a single call to our technicians in San Francisco, CA has the potential to recover your lost data files and get you back in operation at record speed. Which will you choose? Be careful because your organizational future hangs in the balance.

Get your files back on track with help from our Data Recovery Experts in San Francisco, CA!

Get your personal or professional affairs back on track with help from Our data recovery San Francisco, CA branch.Without your data, everyday life becomes an ordeal. 

Data Recovery San Francisco Individual San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco Small Business San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery

Small Business

Data Recovery San Francisco Enterprise San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


Data Recovery San Francisco Government San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery


We'll Get You Through Any Data Recovery Emergency in San Francisco, Bay Area

With Our certified RAID recovery services, recovering your data is possible. Our real-time diagnostic reports in San Francisco, CA free consultations and transparent pricing policies let you control the costs of your data loss. Book your assessment to reap the rewards of the nation’s fastest data extraction. You worked hard to build your San Francisco, CA organization, but a data loss is threatening to jeopardize everything.

Data Recovery San Francisco Emergency Recovery San Francisco Ttr Data Recovery
Data Recovery San Francisco Building San Francisco | TTR Data Recovery

When you need the quick recovery of your loss of data, TTR Data Recovery Service is here to help. We offer all types of data recovery services to businesses and individuals in San Francisco, California. Whether your hard drive has failed or your server has crashed, turn to Our service. We are located in the Citigroup Center building, in the heart of the Financial District at the intersection of Sutter and Sansome Street, near Market Street.


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  • Alicia Delleva says:

    I have a 15-inch mid-2012 MacBook Pro and its 500gb hard drive recently stopped working. It will take time for me to have the hard drive repaired so I needed to recover some important documents I had first. My brother has already got work done at TTR Data Recovery before so he recommended that I bring my MacBook to TTR. I live by Clay st. in Nob Hill so the TTR office near Golden Gate University was easy to get to. After leaving it with their technician, I was told I can get it in a week. I ended up getting it in just five days and they were able to save all my files. The service here is impressive!

  • Cindy Roy says:

    I had files recovered from a corrupted USB flash drive at TTR Data Recovery. The total duration of their recovery service took around seven days. I was happy with everything but I wish they got things done sooner. Like 3-4 days would be nice. Nonetheless, I would still recommend them for any data loss problems you might have. P.s. I love how their office is close to the Sephora by Market st. I got to shop for makeup right after!

  • Jack Rhodes says:

    I edit videos for a living and my external hard drive usually stores most of my big video files. You can only imagine the panic I went through when my external hard drive just decided to stop working out of nowhere. I had deadlines to meet and I really couldn’t afford to wait for the drive to get fully repaired. I stay in the Soma area by folsom st so the TTR Data Recovery office in one sansome st was easy to commute to. Once I got there, I asked the technician how fast can he get the job done because I needed it done asap. He said they offer an emergency service option so that’s what I went for. The technician was able to finish recovering my files the day after which was a Wednesday. This saved my life because I had to finish editing a video by the weekend. TTR Data Recovery rocks!!

  • Vinny Romero says:

    My desktop computer recently experienced hard drive failure and I lost so much data on my computer. I heard about the TTR Data Recovery office at one sansome street which was a short drive away from my house near North Beach. I brought my whole CPU to them since I didn’t really know how to remove the hard drive on my own. The technician explained to me that they have three service options. Emergency service is for those who want to get their files asap. Rush service promises a week or less and standard is about two weeks. I ended up getting the rush option. In five days, they contacted me that I can pick my CPU up already. I was so impressed because they recovered about 200gb worth of data. You guys definitely should definitely head to TTR Data recovery whenever you lose files!!

  • Pedro Cortes says:

    I just got back from a trip to the Bahamas and I was able to take a ton of photos and videos during the trip using my camera. Sadly, there was something wrong with the SD card of my camera and my computer couldn’t detect it. I tried opening it on my friend’s laptop but the card was still not being read. I brought the card to TTR Data Recovery since it was near my office at 555 California st in SF’s financial district. Luckily, they were able to recover everything in less than a week. Thanks TTR Data recovery for a job well done!

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