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California, consisting of almost 40 million residents, it proves to be the most populous U.S. state, and that it is the third-largest by area. Also, California is considered a global trendsetter in pop culture, politics, environmentalism and innovation. It’s well known for it’s fast food, the internet, the American film industry origin and the hippie counterculture.

Among many more cultures, California is has been doing their job on the growth of their people. Here, a couple of the many more actions the State has brought upon for the betterment of it’s people’s lifestyle and ways of thinking.

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California’s Issuance of State ID’s with a Third Gender Option

Lgbtq Flag

ID’s play a big role in accurately defining who we are. It is a proof of your very existence! On the downside though, such ID’s, even the most important ones, actually still limit many people of there gender options. That said, well, there is good news! California is the first to issue State ID’s with a third gender option.

The binary limit which is only either “male” or “female”, will not remain to be the greatest only contrast option in state ID’s. An “X” marks the non-binary option. Can you imagine the faces of individuals finally receiving an ID of their own with a more accurate information, especially on what they hold dear — their gender. Hooray for California!

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California’s Gender Recognition Act

Gender Recognition Act

Signed into law on October 15, 2017, California’s Gender Recognition Act (SB 179) significantly makes it easier for all transgender people who are currently living in or were born in California to receive identity documents that reflect their genders.

Also, this law makes California the second state in the county to offer a standard path to obtaining a non-binary gender marker on state documents, not limiting the Californian to just “male” or “female”.

This law can be viewed and downloaded in PDF should you need to review and show it’s legitimacy to many hard headed individuals out there. Keep it in your pocket! That’s said, you make sure you have access to a hard drive data recovery service in California in case you lose your phone as your most convenient equipment.

On some limits, though, still stand and are unaffected. Such are the documents issued by other states or the federal government. These are your Social Security cards, passports, and other documents issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Having said that, the law is not in absolute and immediate effect.

Enjoy and feel your stay in California, just keep away from areas prone to Wildfires.

California is Our Role Model

California State Flag | TTR Data Recovery

In search of what is fair, this law alone will and has already liberated many individuals who are caged in the gender constructs created by humans themselves.

This does not affect California alone, instead, the whole world! This example portrayed by this large state in the U.S. will catapult “equality” to even the places we find are most difficult to deal with when it comes to the diversion of gender.

In its essence, this gives a single human being the freedom that they deserve. Of course, not to abuse in any way but to simply, precisely mold what is quintessential to a living person — identity. Their very existence is solidified and has opened a door to make it accurate, we know what a solid and accurate identity does; it becomes a great building block to the growth of humankind.

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