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Cannabis, both recreational and medical are now legal in California. Although medicinal marijuana was legalized back in 1996, the continued efforts of the state to reform the laws regarding cannabis did not come to rest. This, then, has resulted to the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2016.

Sales and production of recreational marijuana has already started last 2018. Now, the legalization of recreational use is inclusive of the statutory authority for local jurisdictions which means the cities and the counties, to regulate and/or prohibit commercial activities under their jurisdiction. 

There are necessary permits businesses must obtain from both  local and state. Although many cities and counties still are banning marijuana-related businesses, cultivation and personal use is legal throughout the state; as long as it is of a small and regulated amount.

Cannabis In California

Just Dial!

As the United States Department of Treasury controls the national banking industry, they adhere to the federal law prohibiting marijuana. That means that the marijuana business will remain to be cash-only. On the other side, though, cannabis retailers from some areas will only need to check customer IDs before purchasing. There is no more need to record names and ask for more identity information.

Now, are you in the area? Homebound? Well, you should dial now. But of course, with all these information you’re absorbing and for your ability to dial and get your cannabis, keep your phone ready and by your side! 

This way you can keep in contact with your best retail dispensary! Should you lose your phone? No problem, just make sure you have a access to the best data recovery service in California.

Who has the best delivery system?

As of delivery, though it had been allowed under temporary regulations, the final rules of the law will make California the one and only state to completely allow home delivery. And this does not regard with the local laws.

Marijuana-related businesses focus their marketing of cannabis options for delivery in making and establishing billboards, flyers and posters all around the state, and are guaranteed of the time and quality for any buyer. This delivery business would be mutually exclusive. Each of them would be marketed by its own health plan, and providers could attract more subscribers by cutting the cost and price.

Delivery systems that generated them would benefit and receive their return as profits would flow back to them. This way, financing the expansion of the most efficient systems, and that means, businesses would have to compete in ensuring their cannabis quality and delivery efficiency, as well as the worth their buyers see with the price they give.

Mission: Deliver!

The marijuana industry, which includes thousands of licensed farms, retailers, testing labs and other businesses, had been operating under temporary rules, many of which have now been cemented into law.

These rules and regulations shall guarantee legal protection to more than 100 state-licensed “non-storefront” delivery companies, to their customers and their so-called pot “deserts”. Apparently,  that is great new for those who are unable to travel and those users who are stuck in their homes. They come to you!

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