Hard Drive Clicking - A Complete Beginner's Guide

Hard drive clicking causes: damaged firmware, failed & misalignment of heads. This user guide shows you how to identify, prevent & fix a clicking hard drive!

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Hard Drive Clicking - A Complete Beginner's Guide

Unlike humans, machines cannot tell us what’s wrong with them.

The problems in their internal parts arise in various forms like  hard drive is clicking (a.ka. Click of death) and hard drive short DST check failed. This out of the ordinary performance means you need to take a closer look at your hard disk.

Hard drive clicking noise has a technical explanation behind it. 

To fully understand a hard drive, you must know how does a hard drive work:

It has a disk read/write head in every system which hovers over the platter of the hard driveIt quickly scans the platter when reading or adding data. This can be anything from images, videos, documents, etc.

When the platter’s design gets damaged, it won’t perform the same way and the disk head reaches the end of the damaged platter, the clicking noises come up. When it occurs regularly, it will damage the read write heads, too. Therefore, your hard drive makes a clicking sound.

But what causes the damages on the platter?

We shall discuss this in the next section!

Why Is My Hard Drive Clicking?

Why Is My Hard Drive Clicking | Ttr Data Recovery

The potential causes of hard drives clicking include problems of the magnetic parts, insufficient power supply, corrupt service area, and misaligned HGA.

We Want To Avoid Hard Drive Failure At All Costs | Ttr Data Recovery

We want to avoid hard drive failure at all costs. That is why understanding, and knowing, the potential causes of hard drives clicking are crucial.

In worse case that you lose data in the process, calling an expert in data recovery services is the best logical choice!

Precautionary Steps When Your Hard Drive Starts Makes Clicking Noises

Precautionary Steps When Your Hard Drive Starts Makes Clicking Noises | Ttr Data Recovery

Back-Up Your Data Files

Before anything else, make it a point to have a back up of the important files stored on your hard drive immediately. Sometimes the hard drive is clicking sound could be the result of a virus, which can potentially put your files at risk of getting deleted.

Give it a Quick Run Through on a Diagnostic Software

There is plenty of hardware diagnostic software available online for fix a hard drive. You can install them for free like Seagate Seatools, HDD Scan, HD Tune, and more. Once you’ve found the right software for you, close all your other programs while running diagnostic for optimal results.

You’ll find the diagnostic software has marked the failing internal areas of your hard drive recovery. Sometimes, when you access a specific data, the clicking hard drive sound happens. Diagnostic software can detect it and allow you to decide on what to do with the problematic data inside your external drive.

If you find the internal problem requires advanced diagnosis, you should invest in a paid third-party software to clear up your external drive issues and get rid of the worrisome hard drive making a clicking noise. A third-party software also allows you a more in-depth look at the problem on hand.

Consider Total External Drive Replacement

Professionals recommend people to completely purchase a new external drive because even if the clicking noise goes away, the diagnostic fix won’t last forever. When there is a hard drives clicking but still works, you shouldn’t rely on its fluctuating condition either.

Replacement is the best solution. It will be expensive since external drives with high memory space is worth a pretty penny, but at least you’ll find peace of mind knowing your data is secured. Find out why our external drive recovery process is #1.

How To Trouble Shoot Hard Drive Clicking Problems?

How To Trouble Shoot Hard Drive Clicking Problems | Ttr Data Recovery

Here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try when advanced diagnostics didn’t take care of the problem are!

Advance Troubleshooting Tips:

How To Avoid Losing Data Before Hard Drive Crashes?

How To Avoid Losing Data Before Hard Drive Crashes | Ttr Data Recovery

Now that you’ve successfully solved the issue behind your hard drives clicking sound, you should focus the next step: prevention. You may have gotten lucky the first time around and you’ve managed to save all your data, but in other cases, some external drives require data termination.

A clicking hard drive is more common than you think. With the years of innovation, you’d think someone would’ve invented a way to make hard drive last longer. But for now, we have to do things manually and continue replacements, data back up and repeat it all over again to ensure the safety of our stored data.

To avoid the fuss of a clicking drive problem, perform regular backups on your hard drive. When you have this capability in your arsenal, recovering from a hard drive failure is easy. You won’t have to deal with the stress of lost or deleted data. Simply install a new drive and restore your back up, then you’re all set up.

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