Free Data Recovery For Florence Hurricane By TTR Data Recovery

North & South Carolina, USA – The powerful hurricane Florence brought storm surge, damaging winds and rainfall flooding to the Carolinas. TTR Data Recovery is ready for a mission to help. We are prepared to assist Carolina people and businesses who are affected by this damaging storm.

Water and air exposure can bring damages to any electronic circuitry. A power surge can make every computer and server fail. Let the TTR Data Recovery do the job for you.

Free Data Recovery services to any personal computer users who are directly affected by the hurricane Florence. Business owners will get a 50 percent discount.

About TTR Data Recovery

The TTR Data Recovery is known as one of the most trusted data recovery company in the U.S. We provide quality data recovery services to any computer users, business owners and also government units. We are an expert in retrieving data from all kinds of storage devices. We can recover your lost data from hard drive, flash media, RAID, Tape and many more devices. 

Do’s and Dont's in Case of Data Loss


  • Turn off the damage devices immediately and avoid using it.
  • Reinstate any backups to a different storage as soon as possible. It will help to secure all your important files on it.
  • Avoid using any file recovery tools or software if your drives have physical damage and you do not have any secure backup. File recovery tools can create more damage on your defective hard drive. You may lose any recoverable data on it.
  • The most important, call a professional data recovery service for assistance. The TTR Data Recovery is always ready to help you.


  • Do not lose your hope, there is always a way to recover your important files.
  • Do not plug in or turning on any wet devices. It can cause more problems.
  • Do not use software utility programs to any broken or wet devices.
  • Do not disassemble any damaged hard drive or server for cleaning. It can cause difficulty in recovery operations. It can result in losing important files.
  • Do not expose wet devices to any heating equipment for the purpose of drying it.


  • Customers are responsible for paying the actual cost of any replacement components used during repairs, along with return media (customers can provide return media at no charge) and shipping.
  • Customers must contact TTR Data Recovery and ship their device no later than October 1st 2018.
  • There is a limit of one device per household. Customers needing additional recoveries, and those with multi-disk devices such as RAID, NAS devices, are eligible for a 50 percent discount off the regular service fee.
  • Personal computer users can receive any of the TTR Data Recovery standard hard drive & Flash drive, Memory card, SD card data recovery services free of charge.
  • For business users affected by the storm, TTR Data Recovery will offer a 50 percent discount.
  • You will need to provide a proof that you are a resident of South or North Carolina. (e.g. recent utility bill, Driver License, or recent bank statement). Document must show your name and street address