Data Recovery Process Roadmap!

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Submit Your Data Recovery Case Online

  • You will then receive a data recovery request form in your email
  • A specific case number and representative will be assigned to you

Drop off/Ship Your Media Files

  • After receiiving your data recovery request form, please follow our packaging instructions to safely ship your media directly to us, or drop it off at any one of office locations
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Free Diagnostic

  • We will contact you within 24-48 business hours with your free diagnostic (failure , cost,time,etc.)
  • if you choose to decline the recovery at this point we will send your media back to you free of charge.
  • If your case requires Emergency or Rush services please let your representative know and we will diagnose your media immediately.
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Intitate Data Recovery

  • Upon customer approval, the faulty media is queued for service with our techinicians in our certified ISOClass 100 Cleanroom
  • At TTR Data Recovery, our team of specialist is dedicated to recovering your data in a fast, secure and confidential manner
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Verifying Your Recovered Data

  • As soon as the recovery process is completed, we will email you with a list of all recovered files for your inspection
  • If you are not satisfiled with the recovered data, We will send your media back to you free of charge
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Return Data

  • With your approval, the retrieved data is then transferred to any device
  • that you may provide us with. You also have the option to purchase one directly from us