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In case of data loss, regardless of its severity, remember the following processes that you shouldn’t follow.

  1. Using your device after the event of data loss – at the occurrence of file deletion, overwritten file, or a fried hard drive, don’t use the tool any further. This will further damage the device or risk corrupting other data located inside the device.
  2. Attempt to restore data by yourself – there might be cases where it’s tempting to recover data using hacks, tips and tricks that are inspired by various articles online. However, you have to be careful as some of those “hacks” turn out to be a hoax. What’s even riskier is the fact that your device might suffer more damage instead of recovering the files altogether.
  3. Opening the device with tools – in cases where hard drives, removable storage and computer components are involved with data loss, do not attempt to tinker to remove its parts at all costs.

TTR data recovery provides top-notch services wherever you are in the United States, if you have any questions, issues and concerns regarding data recovery needs, you can contact us through the following platforms:

  1. Toll-free hotline – you can immediately reach one of our data recovery specialists and start the process after one phone call.
  2. Email us at – If you have any concerns regarding data recovery that isn’t severe as you would imagine it to be, you can reach out to our e-mail address and obtain the services you needed.
  3. Service area near you – dealing with data loss that occurred inside a storage device, you can bring the device to the nearest service center in your location.
  4. Visit our FAQ page – this specific page can help you with commonly asked inquiries to which our data recovery specialists have provided answers and insights.
  5. Submit a case – You can submit a written report of the data loss experience you recently encounter so that an immediate data recovery process will begin.


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